Christmas 2012 is Starting to be Fun! Yes it’s Early I Know!

November 22, 2012

I must admit I couldn’t wait to start decorating for Christmas in the sim this year.  Everything is so depressing with the world economy and people are finding it difficult to make ends meet just to get by.  So with this thought I decided to start a 20 Lindens or less shop in SL this year selling Christmas Decorations  in Jamaica Inn.  I’ve made some new stuff too and both Hibiscus and I are giving away some freebies!   Hib has made a lovely job of her sim, it looks really pretty and the snow on the ground makes everything look magical.  I made a massive dome this year, a bit like a huge snow globe and put a couple of cosy cottages inside there, people can just walk straight into the dome!  The cottages are designed by brilliant builder Johnnytreadlightly Lightfire and they are ideal for a snowy winter scene.   I treated myself to a  Santa Claus figure plus  a beautiful sleigh that I can actually fly, both made by Phoebe Avro, who has a really lovely sim with lots of goodies for sale.  I took Drax for a ride in the sleigh and he was only a bit worried about my driving, but who can blame him!  We did land safely back down, which was quite an accomplishment on my part!  I also took Hib and Ed for a ride later on, they somehow got tangled up with each other and Hib was arguing with Ed about how heavy he was sitting on her lap!  Those two do nothing but bicker, like two big kids!!  Mind you, they were so busy arguing that they never noticed me nearly hitting the large tree as I flew past it; So I got away with that one!  Honestly though, the sleigh is dead easy to fly and very nicely made!  Hib even sat on Santa Claus’s knee in the cave grotto and she made a few Christmas wishes!   Hib has some free skis on her parcel and they are a real laugh, she has some steep hills, so be warned. We also enjoyed Hib’s carousel made of sl ice!  Neighbours Cliff and Whisper have also made a smashing winter landscape and it looks as if Whisper is setting up a Christmas market there, so be sure to visit us all.  I have another cosy cottage looking out over the ocean, so feel free to snuggle up by the fire and forget about the real life gloomy weather!!!  (p.s. there’s a bunch of mistletoe and a kiss pose just outside the door!)

Five years in SL – My Amazing 5th Rez Day!

March 30, 2012

I can’t believe it’s five years since I joined SL, yet somehow it seems as if I’ve always been a Second Life resident!  My Rez Day was yesterday and I woke up and saw that there was a new article on Virtually London (lite), curiously I turned to the front page and there was this picture of me in my tiny avatar and blue dress, yes my little red panda av! but who did this, put this on Virtually London (lite)? well naughty Hibiscus Hastings, that’s who!  My friend Hib had remembered my Rez Day and was asking readers to guess who the red panda with a Rez Day was!  Friend Ed put a comment on there and I added one too, telling Hib I would get her later for this publicity!  That evening I thought I would take some photos for my Rez Day, we were scheduled to play Greedy Greedy later so that was how I was to spend my Rez evening.  I put on a nice dress and went over to Run around Sue’s because it was open early and I danced around taking pictures.  As I danced friend Drax logged on and came over, we chatted and I continued to take more pics and I mentioned it was getting near the time arranged to play Greedy, as Ed, Hib, Web, Drax and I were all joining in the game.  However, Drax was saying, wait till it’s time to start before we teleport, so I said ok, but got a bit suspicious after it got late and we should have gone over to the Greedy table.  Drax kept making excuses and by this time I guessed something was up!  He gave me an adorable beagle puppy for my Rez Day and I really looked forward to seeing it later that night (I rezzed it later and it’s so cute! I’ve yet to pick a name for him!).  Finally Drax said we ought to go over and we teleported to Hib’s land!  well as I landed I saw that we were surrounded by our wonderful friends!  Yes Hib had arranged a surprise party for me and I had a lovely time, best ever!  Simon dj’d for us and we danced the night away.   It was a Rez Day to remember and I managed to take some pictures as you see!  I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who came along, TXBarb, Janis, Brie, Seany, Simon, Al, Poppy, Ed, Eliza, Pink, Nils, Truths, Nahi, Drax, and Hib (naughty Hib!).  (It was Eliza’s Rez Day a few days ago and I posted her celebration story on CNN .  I nearly put my Rez Day on there too, but CNN have hidden SL stories so far down into their new style  format that people can no longer just trip across our stories, so it looks like they have sidelined SL after all.  I read today that main media channels are losing a lot of their audiences to independent news channels because people think they aren’t getting the full real life news because they are being censored; apparently CNN have lost the most viewers, said to be 50%.  Maybe it’s time for the main media to realise that people are waking up to what is happening in the world today, it’s not only about them taking out the fun things like SL, it’s about them treating people like children who have to be fed the news they want them to read and not what is really going on. After all the world economy won’t make main media reporters, bosses etc exempt from the outcome that the governments plan for us all!)

Big Hair and Where Have all the Storytellers Gone?

May 8, 2011

Sometimes you have to cheer yourself up, maybe real life is getting you down, or maybe Second Life gets a little humdrum sometimes, usually it’s because I’m busy with both and just reach a point where retail therapy is needed.  So the other day I went shopping and bought some hair.  I had wanted an ‘up’ style to go to the formal event at the New West End Club, but when I started looking around I couldn’t find anything better than the styles I already have.  In the end I settled for a luscious mane of curly reddish hair, which in hindsight made me look like I was going in for the Miss World competition on a bad hair day!  However I put it on and off I went to the Ball in my pretty pink dress, which was really a Christmas dress and has little trees all over it (I was hoping no one would look that close!).

Well no one said ‘I like your hair’ not that they should have done, but you know the sort of thing, you instantly think it looks horrible.  Hibiscus arrived and she did say it looked nice though, she is a good friend!  She looked lovely in her sleek evening dress!

Actually it is very nicely made hair and it has a re-sizer with it, so maybe I needed to shrink it quite a bit, hmmm, might try that next time!   Both Hibiscus and I went to the CNN meeting this week with Nicole the CNN Producer dropping in, yet no one else was there, very strange, maybe people are on holiday etc, but we seem to have lost some good writers.  It was a shock to see Any1 Gynoid had cancelled her CNN account, I hope she decides to come back, ireports are a lot duller without her!  In the meantime I’ll carry on as usual although real life is so very busy lately!

Caravans, Flying Crocs and Sinking Ships

April 10, 2011

I’ve been totally absorbed in my parcel of land lately, almost becoming a hermit away from the clubs and pubs around SL.  I’d been trying to think up something different to the gazebo I installed at the end of Lover’s Lane on my land, as I already have a gazebo, which looks out over the sea, I thought another one was a bit boring.  Then I thought of making a caravan, something I’ve never attempted before and I set to work.  After ages creating the sloping walls and trying to line them up with the roof, I finally got it looking reasonable.  My friend and neighbour Spooks Blackburn has been advising me about building poses directly into the prims rather than having pose balls, which of course save on prims as well, so I bought a kit of poses and scripts and I was really pleased with the results.  I decorated the caravan with some nice oak veneer and  fancy wooden tiles that I found in my inventory, laid a carpet inside and put a romantic painting on the back wall.  I scripted the roof so you can turn the light on inside the caravan and pick pink, crimson or gold lighting, which looks really snug.  Drax came over to see it and we sat with the new poses I had put in the doorway of the van and it was a nice place to chat.

I put some great romantic poses in the caravan at the end of Lover’s Lane and decided to put another caravan near the houses I built, so I just left the doorway sitting poses in that one.  I also bought some gorgeous fairylights from Lilith and Dolly’s Heart VR garden centre and the sim is looking very pretty with those installed. 

Later I went over to see Up4 and Rux in Old Europe, Up4 is kindly letting me have a stall in his Easter Market.  The sim is looking absolutely beautiful with all the Spring flowers and stuff.  Up4 had a special Easter crocodile, not a rabbit you understand, but a croc with rabbit ears and this one flies too!.  We climbed onto the croc and Up4 took me all around the sim, luckily the croc must have had his dinner because he didn’t bite!

Up4 gave me my own Easter Croc, so I can fly around and scare people, it did make me laugh, although it was sort of cute!  After seeing Up4 I made it to the West End club where Clive Hissop had built the most magnificent set I’ve ever seen in SL, he turned the inside of the club into the Titanic and it looked amazing.  He is so clever,  at the end of the evening the floor tipped and we started to sink, sliding into the sea!  It was a night to remember and Hibiscus will be writing it up for Virtually London (lite) this week, so don’t miss it!

Pixi’s Back!! And Makeover Fun!

May 29, 2010

I had been waiting a long time to see Pixi, our fellow reporter on Virtually London (lite).  It has been months and months since I last saw her, she hasn’t been very well and unable to get onto SL and I had been so worried about her.  When she finally got back I’d missed her a couple of times by not being logged on, but when we did get together it was brilliant, she is the same Pixi, the bubbly lovely person so full of life and it was the best feeling ever.  We met in our old office in virtual Kensington and Pixi’s av looked very sadly in need of a makeover.  Hibiscus and Ed came over, it was the first time Pixi and Ed had met, and it was really nice that we were all together.  I asked Pixi if she wanted to go shopping next time we were on and she said yes, so when we met up again Hibiscus and I took her to Redgraves where some wonderful skins can be found.

There are so many skins to pick from and I think it was quite bewildering for Pixi at first, but then she got into shopping mode, not a thing most of us women forget!! and soon we had her trying demos on to see which one she liked.

She kept asking us what we thought and Hib and I wanted her to pick, a skin is an important purchase and she had to really like it herself, it was fun though watching her changing in front of our eyes.

She settled for the skin in the picture above and then all she had to do was pick some eyes to go with it, she picked sparkling blue eyes in the end, with long eyelashes and our Pixi was reborn!  I think we all got choked up, Pixi was so happy and so were Hib and I, she looked stunning!

I’m so pleased Pixi is back, I’ve missed her so much and she brings a light into my SL life, I can’t wait for the day when she feels like writing again as her articles are full of wit and fun, just like her, welcome Back Pixi!!

An Invite to a Gallery Opening, Boye’s Shock Horror Shorts and Night in the Pub!

May 21, 2010

I got an invitation to a new Gallery opening a few days ago, it was from Nikk Huet my old boss from Virtually London (lite) so I decided to go and see what it was all about.  I saw Nikk with Saffia Widdershins and Terry Lightfoot as I walked in, and it was nice to see them again.  The event was being linked into the real world as an awards ceremony was going on in Alaska for the Rasmuson Foundation.  You can read the whole thing on my CNN report.  The musician who won the most prestigious award was John Luther Adams, and just my luck, the photo didn’t upload on CNN so I am putting it here.

There have been a few  parties at Tropical Drift lately and Hibiscus and Boye were over there as DJ Gen played the Beach Boys down on the beach front.  I’d been to a party the day before at the Aragon Ballroom and it was a Moody Blues tribute and that was really nice.  Hib called me over, she told me Boye had suddenly branched out from his gentlemanly Victorian outfits to don a pair of wild beach shorts.  I teleported over and couldn’t believe my eyes, and neither could Hib going by the photo, I never thought I’d see Boye in such colourful attire!!

I love getting dressed up and I was wandering around Virtual London last night and thought I’d take a look at the Three Bells pub as there seemed to be a lot going on there.  Well the theme was ‘formal’ and the crowd all looked great in their evening wear.  I decided to go and say hello and take some pictures, and next thing I’d got changed and was dancing the night away.  Hibiscus and Ed joined me and we had a great time.  It’s not a huge dance floor but it is a nice location and it was a friendly crowd too. 

Meeting Pathfinder, Thanks to Eliza, and Hunting Stories Down

March 13, 2010

Friend Hibiscus told me about how they had an event in Victoriana where she lives, and it was for tinies, she had got her own tiny avatar and it sounded like fun.  I was out and about exploring again, aways on the hunt for new stories when Hib logged on and I asked her to join me.  There she stood, this cute little Victorian bunny rabbit and it’s a strange thing, with tinies you instantly want to treat them differently, like they are tiny little creatures who are soft and gentle.  Hib seems to be enjoying her tiny role and I even ventured over to the shops to look at some tiny av’s, I might give it a go later on to see how people react to me as a tiny.

I had a message from good friend Eliza Janus this week and she told me that Pathfinder Linden was leaving Linden Labs, Eliza was upset that he was going, although I had not met him I had heard lots of good things about Pathfinder.  Being the vulture virtual reporter I have become, I decided, on the off-chance, to see if Pathfinder would agree to talk to me and I IM’d him.  He was very kind and came back to me and I asked if I could get a couple of photographs for a small tribute article.  He was really nice and said he had a few minutes to spare before a meeting and asked me to teleport him over.  Greeting Pathfinder I took a flurry of photos and ask him if he wanted to say a few words for the article, which he did.  Hibiscus was also in IM with me, and she arrived just as Pathfinder had to leave, which was a shame, Ed too wanted to come over but time was short and Pathfinder had to go, I’m honoured that Pathfinder gave me some of his time.  I enjoyed writing the article and posted it both on CNN and Our Virtual Trilogy

After chatting to Eliza for a while she said she wanted me to meet her SL brother Damanios Thetan, who is a great SL creator and designer, so I went over to see them both.  Eliza looked stunning with her long black hair and beautiful skin, I haven’t seen her for a while, so it was nice to catch up with her.

She introduced me to Damanios and we had a look at his wonderful artworks.  He is really an excellent builder and the design of the building was breathtaking, I’ll go back for another look so I can take my time seeing all of his sculptures.  It was nice of him to show me around and fun seeing Eliza again.

White Masquerade Ball and Hibiscus the Greeter

February 23, 2010

I got an invitation from friend Cher Demonge the other day and he invited me to a Masquerade Ball for the opening of his gallery the Cube, which has been moved to a new location.  The theme of the Ball was to wear white and obviously a mask as well.  I have a couple of white dresses and tried a beautiful one on from Evie’s Closet, but this had a very full skirt, so I decided on one of my favourite dresses with a slim skirt.  Hibiscus came over to the shop where I was and she too decided on a lovely gown she had with a slim fitting.  We had similar masks and we were looking forwards to the party as we got ready, watched by Max the kitten.

The party was well under way when we got there and it looked like a really swish ‘do’ with the people in their white costumes.  Cher danced with a teapot on his head and what looked like a white wolf skin hanging from one shoulder, he was definitely enjoying his night, as were all his guests.  The gallery looks like a great place to visit in its new setting, I hope he does well.

Yesterday when I logged on, Hibiscus was already in SL and when I spoke to her she said she was in Victoriana carrying out her new role as a Greeter,  She was meeting new people and anyone who wanted help as they arrived in the Victorian sim.  I decided to go over and have a look and Hib was speaking fluent French to a new lady, how lovely to be able to do that, she will be a big benefit to the sim.  The new lady had donned one of the Victorian dresses that Hib had shown her.  It was a free gift and looked good.  I decided I had better put a long coat on as I had arrived in a modern skirt, so I quickly got the coat out of my inventory.  The little lady who Hib had been helping suddenly decided she would try the horse out that she must have just found, and off she tried to gallop.  SL wasn’t about to give her an easy ride though, and I suspect she had an animation override on that interfered with the horse, so she sank into the ground.    Not to be put off though, she abandoned the horse and spent the rest of the time dancing in the street.  I think Hib had done a good job as the lady happily went on her way.

Poor Drax Is All Mixed Up!!

August 31, 2009

When I’d visited the Ministry of Motion sim a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t tell my friends about something that was a little bit shocking but quite funny at the time.  I’d taken Hibiscus over there and she thought it was a laugh, then I took Drax over and asked him to sit on the giant apple and see what happens.  Soon as he sat, he started to topple through the air and fell into the giant kitchen blender that was there.  It’s quite a gory sight all the blood spurts out of the blender and you can see your avatars arms and legs disappearing!

Blend sit one

blend toppling two

blend blender three

blend blood four

He landed safely back next to me on the platform, but his arms and legs and three hearts (yes three!!) landed all around him and other bits and pieces of grisly looking meat too!

blend armslegs five

This is all the invention of Nomasha Syaka and very cleverly done!!  All in one piece, Drax later came over to my apartment in SL Chelsea as he hadn’t seen some of the changes I had made for a while.  I got a lovely painting from an artist who was selling his stuff in the Rose Theatre, his pictures are moving works of art and little stars twinkle on it and vapour rises from the sphere in front of the girl in the picture, I’m glad I bought it, I really like it and Drax did too.  I logged off and came back later.

blend picture six

blend picture2 seven

It was the opening of the Jazz club in SL Chelsea last night and real life held me up from getting there for a while.  I arrived to see Hibiscus, Ed and Drax all on line and as I rezzed  I saw Hib and Ed log off at the same time, then going over to the Jazz club I spotted Drax at the piano there.

blend piano eight

He was plainly away from the keyboard of his computer, so I went and sat on the stall too to wait for him to come back and chat, but alas he never did, he just timed out and I was left all alone,  my friends deserting me, are they trying to tell me something?  Perhaps I put too many of them through the blender!!!

blend pianome nine

Crowd At CNN With Special Visitor

August 5, 2009

It had been a busy night last night, I was writing a couple of articles and editing some photos ready for the Trilogy blog and Virtually London (lite) and it was also the evening for the CNN meeting as well.  Just before that I had seen a group IM asking for someone to help with a couple of griefers over at the UGC, so I dashed over there to see what was happening, nosy as ever!!  I couldn’t take a picture as there was an av running about nude with a big attachment, but I arrived in time to see DJ Mike booting the guy out of the sim, he did come back once, but Mike booted him again and this time he stayed away!

I went over to the CNN meeting and met Hibiscus who was already there and Nicole the CNN reporter had already arrived as well. 



To my surprise there were over 20 people there with others still arriving.  I think Nicole was quite surprised and also she suddenly spotted one of the audience had a Linden tag.  It was Christa Linden who had come to sit in, she told Nicole she was part of the marketing group in the Linden Labs and she sat taking some pictures while she was there.  The meeting went ok with quite a few people asking bits and pieces and at the end when Nicole had gone I asked Christa if she had anything we could report on and she mentioned the SL conference coming up shortly.  Silly me, I forgot to ask her for one of her bears, it was only Drax asking me later if I had got a bear that made me think of it, I missed my chance there!   After the meeting I found myself a great little coffee bar in Chelsea to sit in and finish my writing and I managed to get it all done.




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