One of the things that always fascinated me about Second Life was the ability of people to build a complete world down to the finest detail.  I often looked at the building tools provided and fiddled about making a cube or a sphere but not knowing how to mould it into objects.  In the end I really wanted to have a go at making stuff, not only clothes but everyday objects.  I searched the Internet and second life home page for tutorials and forums to get me started.   I have been building now for a few months and I’m learning all the time, I love it when one of my friends says to me that they want something built so that I can have a go at it (might not work out but they know I’m still learning).  There is one thing that I keep on at and it’s been driving me crackers and that is making my own hair.  People say to me how is the hair going and I have to say ‘same hair still altering it’.   Although I’ve been picking up hints and stuff from the forums and tutorials I’ve always been one to plan my own way of doing things, disastrously at times haha, I’m the type to press all the buttons before I read the instructions if I get a new gadget, not a wise approach, but it’s the way I am.   Anyway, this hair, I’m actually near the last bit now after agonizingly putting each piece in, to usually find its totally wrecked another piece where it sticks out the other side.  I can quite see why some designers settle to put a hat on the crown to finish it off, as it’s the fiddliest thing I’ve ever done.   I also got fed up with standing on a pose stand with a bald head, although I have to do this from time to time, not looking great with my designer shoes, bald head and my legs and arms akimbo and all of a sudden someone drops by unexpectedly for a chat, bald is not good, only on people like Gayle Porter who looks really sweet.  So made myself a simple little prim model head and shoulders to put the hair on as I put the bits in place.



The prim model is made of two cylinders and a sphere, I put the sphere over my head to re-size it until it was the same measurements as my head and the same with the neck and body part.   I did the same with a sphere to make the cap to put the hair onto and I coloured it green so I could see what I was doing, in case I left any gaps, I’ve re-textured that now with the hair texture.


As someone new to this I find the worst thing is shaping the torus prims which make the curls as they are pretty cumbersome on the opposite end of the curl, but then perhaps I’m doing something wrong, if anyone can advise me I’d be really grateful.   I’ve also had trouble with the whole of the hair unlinking itself when I’ve added a new part, then again could be something I’m doing, but I haven’t had that trouble before, so I took a friend’s advice and sent a report to the Linden labs just in case.  Well can’t promise you I’ll be wearing the hair in the next few days, but I’m getting closer to the way I want it all the time, so I’ll keep on.  


PS  As you can see from the pic below I did do more work on it tonight and I think it is finished (for now lol)



11 Responses to Hair

  1. Pinkie Delcon says:

    Hi J, the hair looks great. All the different pics showing how its going are excellent. Love all the stuff you made for me. Have tolds lots of ppl about how talented you are. 🙂


  2. Janey Bracken says:

    Thank you Pinkie, what a lovely thing to say, I’ll have to finish the hair one day and finally wear it, but I’m still fiddling with it haha.


  3. HBA says:

    Great post, mate! I had no idea you made that dummy yourself – what a brill idea! I hope the linking issue works out – the hair will be lovely when it’s finished 🙂

  4. Janey Bracken says:

    Thanks Head, I did actually finish it tonight, but no doubt I’ll alter again, I made the dummy to make life a little easier, but I bought those other manikins you told me about as well, they are great, though they have lots of prims so I have to sneak round your place to use them 🙂

  5. HBA says:

    LOL – you never have to sneak! I’m going to make you a building zone all of your own x

  6. Pinkie Delcon says:

    Why have a zone J….when you can use the whole island….build him a skyscraper 😉

    Pinkie x

  7. HBA says:

    LOL – Pinkie Prim Eater, we shall call you!

  8. HBA says:

    By the way, the new hair looks fab!! I can’t wait to see it in the flesh, so to speak. You know that good quality prim hair is always a good seller… hint hint!

  9. Janey Bracken says:

    Hi Head and Pinkie,

    Love you two lots, you always make me laugh! might take you up on your kind offer of a building zone Head, I could make you lots of stuff as well and you could build with me Pinkie ‘cos you are getting good at it, look at the lovely fire you built. Maybe one day I might sell some stuff, but need lots more practice lol


  10. HBA says:

    The fire? The signal fire bt the spit of land out to sea? I’m afraid I didn’t make it – the driftwood came in a pack from Splash Aquatics (Tiddles home, too) and the fire is the newbie Fuego! thing we all see to have – I just rezzed it up and used it as a flames. I’m a bodge-it merchant, me 😀

  11. Janey Bracken says:

    Sorry Head I’m confusing everyone, meant Pinkie’s fire she built, but your fires a lovely too, even if you didn’t make them, you positioned them really well!!

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