Visit to Haunted House (Devil’s Labyrinth)

Headburro sometimes arranges ‘flash mob’ outings for his Group the ‘Backpacking Burros’.  As a member of his group I was invited along to one tonight.  The location had been kept a secret until we received the teleport details, minutes before the time to meet.  Well it turned out to be a scary night as we were to explore a haunted house and try to figure out the maze of tunnels inside, complete with clues, that would lead us to the exit.  At first it was just me Pinkie and Head and we thought that was it, so we started exploring.




Inside the house proved to be a creepy place, cold and damp and very inhospitable.  Pinkie landed in a pool of slime that appeared to be leaking out of the wall, however, luckily she didn’t hurt herself and we carried on looking for the right way to go.  We had started with a choice of three routes and the first one proved to be a dead end, so we had to start over again and pick another one.   Fortunately we were not left alone for long, Osprey turned up to keep us company and later TR and Rusty also joined the group.



The corridor, this time, led us to some real creepy places, with spiders, rats and body parts being scattered all over the place, we became more terrified as time went on.




Pinkie, being very brave, decided the best way to combat her fear was to actually sit on the body parts, however, it did not work as we both sat quivering in the chair afterwards, trying to settle our nerves.  Head sat at a table, but even that had been used to dissect a body and the axe and a severed hand were still in evidence.  We were growing frantic in the end trying to find our way out, as the whole place became more and more manic, filling with ghosts and gauls.




Osprey had to leave the group and we all reluctantly said goodbye to her as we battled on to find our way out.  It was a good job we had geniuses Head and Rusty with us as they found the last clue to open the door allowing us to escape into normality.  Anyway, they all decided to come back to my place to unwind and we had a nice chat and relaxed after a scary and exciting evening.  Thanks Headburro for arranging such a cool night out.



7 Responses to Visit to Haunted House (Devil’s Labyrinth)

  1. Pinkie Delcon says:

    Another winning post J!! Was one scary night. We just needed Scooby. What was I thinking sitting on butchered body parts 🙂

  2. Hey! Cracking post mate! I’m really glad you enjoyed the night cos I thought it was ace. Maybe it was a good thing most of the Burros couldn’t make it as the lag was a little rough at times, but on the whole it didn’t stop us having a fun times together.

    p.s. I think Destroyer Delcon was thinking “This is how I will leave Bare Knuckle Bracken and Headbut Burro next time we fight in Combat Cards!”

    p.s.s. The Backpacking Burro group is free to join folks!

  3. Janey Bracken says:

    I had a really good time last night, good job we all looked after each other, as I got trapped under the floor at one stage, as well as not being able to find the teleport button to follow you guys to another room in the spaceship part of the house (poor little brain was playing me up again haha). Both of you teleported me out of trouble. It’s just as well we can put our competitive Combat Card fighter egos to one side and be great mates. Bit worried about Destroyer with the body parts though ….. 😉

  4. That was a fun outing! I was sad to leave but on the other hand escaped the house of ebil unscathed. I’m glad you all did, too, as it is by no means that way for every visitor to that mansion of devilry, and was perhaps due to safety in numbers.

  5. Janey Bracken says:

    Yes i think it was safety in numbers, I got stuck a couple of times and would still be there if the others hadn’t helped me out. Shame you had to go so soon, hope we have some other great nights out like this one 🙂

  6. Zack says:

    how do i get there? 😦 i want a haunted house to go through in second life

  7. Hi Zack,

    Regretfully not many things are permanent in SL and I couldn’t find any trace of the haunted house when I looked recently, but I’m sure there must be many more that have been created since. The haunted house was great fun and hopefully there will be some similar sites to explore in the future.

    Janey :))

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