CNN Stories

December 31, 2007

I’d submitted a couple of articles to cnn a few days ago, and I’m delighted that they have both been printed tonight.  One about the Hobo camp were I spent a great evening (see previous post in this blog) and the other about a fantastic artist Chalker Zenovka and his beautiful partner Skye Fargis (that’s them in the picture below)




Lucky night at Combat Cards

December 31, 2007

My mate Pinkie joined me early tonight and it was really nice to have some time with her as she has been so busy in real life.  We went over to Murray and stood chatting to  Roy and Phil who dropped in.  Ali then appeared on her little pink horse, so all in all there was quite a lot going on in Murray.  A couple of newbies arrived who appeared to want some trouble, further inspection showed one of them had been around since July, so not so new, just trouble-making, well it makes me laugh anyway, they are always a bit thick so you can always suss them out.


We had to leave at 10pm to play combat cards, haven’t heard from Head, hope he is just enjoying the Christmas Holidays, missed him being at combat cards as he always makes us laugh and I was looking forwards to giving him a good thrashing, as I’m sure Pinkie was.   My luck was in tonight, had a good deck and beat Pinkie, had a draw with the next player Gott and for the very first time ever, I beat Osprey.  Just that my luck was in, but makes a nice change.





December 30, 2007

Well, as I’ve taken an interest in writing for CNN I’ve decided that I should explore all parts of Second Life and I’ve met some really cool people over the last few days.  I want to do an item for CNN about Gorean cities because if someone even mentions Gor they instanlty think of sin, sex and slaves being beaten every minute of the day.  I ventured into one of the cities the other day, only as an observer I might add, this girl isn’t slave material, I’d more than likely bash someone who told me what to do, lol.  I met someone on the way in, he was really polite and helpful (and I might add he also had a wicked sense of humour) and he let me sit in on some of the role playing as a guest. I soon realised that these people put a lot into getting things right, I won’t go into it too much here as a future article will explain all.  My host has invited me back again after advising me what to read up on and I will go back to ask him to explain things further.   He was not around tonight but I had another look and the people there said I was welcome to look around which I did.



What do you think of my outfit! well I’m quite happy looking a bit combatish, it makes me feel more confident when walking around places like Gorean cities, however, earlier in the day, at one of the meeting places in sl, two guys were talking about girls and one was saying he fancied a girl near him, he made a big point of saying it was the girl in the skirt and laughing, as only the girl in the skirt and I were within his range, he meant it to be insulting to me, well I had to giggle to myself, if it puts off nerds like that it’s working nicely, just in case you are reading this you little twerpy newbie, you wouldn’t stand a chance with me or I expect the girl in the skirt either, haha, dream on.   Saw Pinkie come on line tonight and it was really nice to see her, really missed her of late, we had a nice chat before she had to go, when she gets more time I will take her on my travels.


Friendly Hobo camp

December 27, 2007

I’d been drawn to Calleta’s Hobo Railroad Infohub by the huge burning pile of slot machines in the centre of the yard.  The whole area was littered with old furniture and junk.   The only reference to Christmas was a sparse fir tree at the side of the area, but even this had cans of beans and beer hanging from it instead of decorations.



A group of people sat chatting on the old furniture nearby and suddenly they called to me to join them.  They asked me to sit down and I drank a cup of tea as they made me feel welcome.   They said they always met there and I can see why, it’s a scruffy place, running live with rats, but something magical about it, like dropping out of society and letting the world pass you by.


I’d like to thank Raskolnikow, Roy, Arduenn, Deimos, Dreft, Patty and Rocket (if I’ve missed anyone I’m sorry) for making me welcome, I’ll definitely be back to say hello.




An Elf, thats me

December 26, 2007

I’ve been buying some outfits from a store called BareRose lately, they are Japanese designs and I love all the work they have put into them, they are very reasonably priced and you have an assortment of colours with each purchase.  I’m quite small compared to a lot of people in second life (although I’m 5 feet 7 inches in my heels, so a height measuring gadget told me, so a lot of the other ladies that I meet must be catwalk model height).  Someone thought he was being nasty to me yesterday by saying I looked like a merry elf, well I had to laugh because the outfit is called ‘dark elf” and comes complete  with little sticky out ears.   I’d liked the costume so much I’d even worn it down the club on Christmas Eve.  Before I changed I visited one of the gathering sites called Ahern on Christmas morning, its a place where new people arrive and the rest come along to see what the gossip is all about.  As I stood on the step ‘people watching’ a giant of a figure came and stood next to me, I think we were in awe of each other as we did not speak a word.  I was thinking to myself ‘is this ‘the’ Santa’ as he looked very grand and dignified compared to the other lot and I can only assume he was thinking ‘is this one of my elves, cos I’m not sure if I recognise her or not’  We stared at each other for some time before I thought I’d better escape in case he thought he’d better nab me for running away from the workshop.  Don’t you think we made a lovely couple?


Christmas Eve at Cirque Mystique

December 26, 2007

Thought Christmas Eve was going to be a fairly lonely experience in second life, however, it turned out to be a really good night.  Met up with Headburro and Pinkie and we set out for a club called Cirque Mystique which is actually inside an old galleon (see excellent cnn report written by Headburro on also see my latest item on cnn about people getting married in second life).  We had a great time dancing and chatting in the club, which had a great atmosphere.



After we left the club we went over to Murray and met up with roy, it was really nice, we all sat down and chatted until the bewitching hour of midnight and suddenly it was Christmas day, quite magical!  (Catch Headburro Antfarm’s great blog at for more of our social fun).



Merry Christmas

December 23, 2007

Me and my two buddies had a great time tonight, when second life wasn’t trying to crash our computers.  Here’s a snap for all our friends, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


And here’s one for all our enemies, raspberries all round, but have a great Christmas and Happy New Year anyway, looking forwards to many battles with you.