New Dress a bargain in Second Life

Yesterday I wandered a little aimlessly though Second Life early in the evening, then suddenly decided to call in at a fantastic shop called Enkythings to look at the shoes.  Well, that was it, spotted a pair of silver high heels and was overcome with love for them, so had to have them.  Enkys’ also have departments in their vast store where you can get clothes, accessories, furniture and gadgets for only a 1L$.  I thought I’d have a look in the clothes bit to see if I could get anything for combat cards on Sunday night.  I spotted a lovely red lace outfit that I thought I could use, although not battle gear, the flowing skirt would probably look good in my photos when I’m doing battle with Sparta and Destroyer (and what a plus, it wouldn’t show the blood when I get killed, haha).

I went out early tonight and though I’d visit a few places in my new posh frock and new shoes (the shoes at Enkys’ are full price, but worth every dollar!).  Looking at the map I spotted Mexico so I teleported to one of the most beautiful locations I’ve seen, well worth a look.  I soared into the sky and hovered there as the eagles zoomed all around me.



I really enjoyed looking around Mexico and then decided to try somewhere else.  I found Zia’s Mirage Resort in Money Land and this was equally stunning, I have never seen so much detail in the architecture anywhere else.  Pinkie came on line and I asked her to join me to have a look, so she came over to explore.



Well we wandered around for a while admiring such an opulent place, but realised that we had to get ready for combat cards shortly, so Pinkie went off and we met up at 10pm for the games, but that will be another story ……….










4 Responses to New Dress a bargain in Second Life

  1. HBA says:

    Wow!! Well you looked fab tonight hun – I have some shots of you fighting the dress and it looked ace all streaming out behind you!

    I’ve been to the Mexico place too and it is lovely – take a walk around the coast for some lovely little hidden coves, beaches and even a wee village.

  2. Janey Bracken says:

    Thanks Head, I fancied looking a bit colourful tonight for a change and I was pleased to get such a bargain. Mexico was fantastic, I’ll definately go back for another look. You fought well tonight, I’ll have to practice to get my own back 🙂

  3. Pinkie Delcon says:

    I love that picture of me, the background looks amazing. Love Mexico….its a fabulous place.

  4. Janey Bracken says:

    Yes, you look beautiful (which you are) in that picture, I was really pleased with it 🙂

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