Second Life Defenders against Griefers

I’ve already written about griefers and what a nuisance they can be at times (whilst being hilarious at other times).  However, sometimes the people who use weapons use them wisely, to defend the rest of us who would rather not be armed (or as in my case, by the time I’ve fiddled about how to fire a weapon, my attacker has either gone or blown me skywards).  I’d like to thank those who have witnessed me being harassed for no reason and defended me by using their weapons to get rid of the attackers.  I know Pinkie has also had trouble from griefers for no reason as well and luckily our friends have always offered to assist us.  Good mate Head is always watching out for me and Pinkie and anyone else he thinks is being picked on unnecessarily.  I’ve got an unusual picture of him as Sparta without his helmet, and not in his usual gazelle guise (One for the girls, I just had to find an excuse to put that amazing hairy chest back on my blog!! Sparta’s (Headburro’s) blog is a brilliant read at )


Roy (pictured below) is another good guy, he doesn’t muck about with griefers and is good at assessing who is looking for trouble, as you can see he has also trashed a griefer or two, even when he’s wearing his vampire skin!



At combat cards night a couple of weeks ago I got caged soon after I arrived.  The young gun (the robot below) who had been to a combat night previously (I’d even greeted him this time with a friendly hello), decided to pick on me for a reason only he knows, he later barged into me for good measure as well after I’d called him a t*ss*r because of the caging, which may have brought me down to his level, but I was furious, my usually calm inner self was furious as well, he must have caught me on a bad night.  Head asked me what was wrong and I told him about the caging etc and he offered to orbit robot boy for me.  I really appreciated Head offering but said ‘no, leave it for now’ as I feared it was getting out of hand and would spoil everyones’ evening.


Robot boy was being generally bothersome rezzing aircraft and stuff over the arena as we fought, and he was flitting about.  One of the combat cards group, Johannason, must have got fed up with his antics as well, as I heard him offer robot boy a rocket to strap to his back to try out.  Well robot boy, not being too bright, accepted his offer and was immediately orbitted, how funny it was, I don’t know if Joh knew what robot boy had done to me, but thanks Johannason, it made me feel better.  I left a message for  robot boy but he didn’t have the good manners to get back to me or to turn up the next week.  I’ve got over it now, but hope he isn’t silly enough to do it again.  Sometimes the defenders get accused of griefing themselves by the people who are actually doing the griefing, this has happened to a pal called Ree who has offered to help in the past.  So much griefing has gone on in my first home Murray that the Lindens have decided to remove all the scripting so that the weapons do not work.  While it is now generally a nice peaceful area, it is inclined to be a bit boring and empty now that the griefing is no more, it was always a bit of fun really when the battles commenced.


This is a big thanks to all those defenders that look after us, not forgetting vixen who has also helped me in the past when some guy from Gor tried to kidnap me in Murray.  She bravely booted him into oblivion.  Can’t resist this final picture of a guy I saw while I was shopping last night, one of the most fearsome av’s I’ve seen.  I was so impressed I followed him and tried to ask him about his appearance, but I don’t think he spoke English and I didn’t get any answers.  I don’t know if he is a griefer, probably not, but I salute his av which I thought was great.  He would make a great defender, lets hope he’s on our side!!!





7 Responses to Second Life Defenders against Griefers

  1. HBA says:

    Hi mate – great post and always nice to see my chest again (it’s modeled on my RL one, honest).

    I’m just glad us the defenders listed haven’t got together and formed one of those weird anti-griefing groups like the SLPD or whatever. They just end up being as bad as the griefers.

    Robot Boy from Combat Cards (his Av is based on the main character of the HALO computer games) was the first person in ages I’ve nearly bounced. Since I stopped goign to Murray I haven’t had the need to really, but he’s really on my list now. He just looks at you funny and he’ll be pulling his fancy armour from his bum for a week 🙂


    p.s. I find the fact you were nearly stolen away to Gor very funny 😀

    p.p.s. My god but Murray looks different/amazing in Windlight!!

  2. Janey Bracken says:

    Lol, thanks for keeping an eye on Robot Boy, think maybe if he does come back he might behave, with a bit of luck 🙂 Can’t see why you would think me being taken to Gor as a prisoner is funny, they might have stopped me wearing my high heels in case I stabbed them with a stilletto, cos I would have put up a fight, no messing!!

  3. Pinkie Delcon says:

    I am well equiped these days to use my weapons and defend myself. Whether I’m quick enough, well thats another question. 😉

  4. Janey Bracken says:

    Perhaps me and you Pinkie should go to Gor and trash the place, as Destroyer and BareKnuckle we could liberate all those poor slaves :). Those men wouldn’t know whats hit em.

  5. HBA says:

    When they worked out what hit em, they’d like it too much and invite you back every night for more!

  6. Pinkie Delcon says:

    Hmmm….men begging at my feet. I could get used to it. All hail the heels. 😀 x

  7. Janey Bracken says:

    Ooops, not a good idea then 🙂

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