Zebra returns to Murray

I once again found myself in Murray tonight just to see who was about.  I spotted Headburro and Garic with a newbie who’s name was Dwas, so I went over to join them.  We were suddenly joined by a zebra called Dwight (see Headburro’s funny picture of the zebra on his brilliant blog at http://headburroantfarm.wordpress.com).  Dwas went off for a wander and Dwight decided to stay with us for a while.


Dwight is a bit of a naughty zebra, he waylaid another little horse the other night and took advantage of her, think it was a one night stand, because he didn’t seem bothered about her tonight when we mentioned her.  While we were chatting we noticed that Dwight suddenly seemed to be distressed.  Then it became apparent that he was falling apart, he had a considerable gap between his head and his tail.


Well he turned this way and that, trying to catch up with himself, but he was still split in half.  He kept asking us if he was joined back together, but we had to tell him the truth that he was still in two pieces.  Eventually he managed to get back to normal and he protectively stood over us as he knew that we were on his side, he soon shifted though because Head’s horns stabbed him in the belly.


We were joined by another newbie called Flinanis, a handsome fox, plus Hanna also arrived.  Dwight decided to have a cigarette to calm his nerves, which, not long after, made him high.  Head gave Flinanis some good advice on finding his way round second life and he went off to explore.



Head turned to say something to Dwight, but he had vanished as quickly as he had arrived earlier, without even a ‘goodbye’.  Head said he too had to leave, and we all wished him a goodnight.   Then unbelievably another zebra turned up, his name was Donkey and it wasn’t clear if he was looking for Dwight or not.


He didn’t stay, but yet again another horse turned up, this time with Lorenzo riding her.  She was indeed a lucky horse that both Dwight and Donkey had already gone, who knows what might have happened, another one night stand and a baby zebrahorse? (at least I think the horse was a girl, think that might be just a shadow near her back legs).


All in all a bit of an unusual night in Murray, hope Dwight pulls himself together next time.







4 Responses to Zebra returns to Murray

  1. LOL – cracking post! Poor Dwight… I think all his felandering has caught up with him – he’s gone to pieces and I caught him smoking (gasp) drugs!!!! I think he may be a pothead… (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOF-YOIBpvA)

    I haven’t seen Lorenzo for ages – I think that horse he is on is man horse 😮

    Donkey Althouse was the other zebra – he popped in before you arrived there, and I complimented him on his (or her… I’m not sure from that av) lovely hooves 🙂

  2. Janey Bracken says:

    Yes poor Dwight, might be a good thing that you have horns though, think he might have sat on us otherwise, he’s a bit of a split personality 🙂 You sure that horse was a man, looked a bit too pretty, don’t suppose Dwight would have minded either way!!

  3. HBA says:

    Durdy Dwight, they calls him round these parts…

  4. Janey Bracken says:

    Haha, just suits him 🙂

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