Combat Chaos for me

For a few weeks I’d had a hard time trying to sort my combat cards into some sort of playable order, but I did feel half good about them before I set out for the arena on Sunday night.  I’d had a practise game with Head earlier that evening and my cards were quite evenly balanced for a change.  Then disaster, well for me anyway!  On arrival at the combat arena Doc informed us that he had brought out another version of the card deck (to put the cards into) and the old deck would not work.  Well, Pinkie and Head, having completely cool brains, went off to sort their cards into the new deck, me I just stood there thinking sh.t, I have a disorderly mind to match my inventory and panicking, I tried to cheat by dragging the old deck onto the new one in one go, which did not work, so I ended up with the cards in my inventory, but who knows where.  Well I lost the will to live and knew that I would have to sort them later, on my own in my own time (still haven’t done it! but hey, I will get them sorted).  Combat cards is a great game put together by very clever people, I know I could never have the ability to create anything like that, and they should feel very proud to have achieved something so cool.  Only one thing though, I just wish they had warned us in advance of the new deck, for people like me who just aren’t as well organised as they are.  I ended up just watching, which isn’t as much fun, but never mind , I took a couple of nice pics.   Pinkie looked really beautiful in a pale blue dress, don’t know how Head could try to kill someone who looked so stunning!  Anyway he did try, so she took a great big axe to him later on (supplied by Rusty), but sadly she was slaughtered anyway, as Head went for the kill.



Rusty came along in a great combat outfit he had designed himself and he really looked the part.  He hasn’t attended many combat nights and did not fight this time, which was a shame, but hopefully he’ll come to some more events and we’ll have a chance to see how he does.





3 Responses to Combat Chaos for me

  1. HBA says:

    Yeaah, it was a real shame – your deck prior to the 1.4.1 bombshell was damn good! It gave me a walloping in our HBA Island arena! I added a few more high end cards and have now buggered mine again – god but it’s a fine balance. It was such a shame you couldn’t fight.

    As for killing Pinks, i had no choice! sge is deadly you know and whooped me in the first of our 2 bouts. The Axe was just nasty!

    Not sure if I’m fighting yet this weekend – it’s moved to a Saturday I think and I may be out.

    Let me know if you want a hand sorting your deck – I’ve helped Pinks so I’m getting better at remote assistance 😀

  2. Pinkie Delcon says:

    It was all down to Head that I managed to sort my deck out so quickly. He does make sense sometimes. (Note to self)….pay more attention to Head…haha…who am I kidding….as is that is ever gonna happen 🙂

  3. Janey Bracken says:

    Thanks for the offer Head, I might have ask you if I get stuck. I’m lucky I’ve got both of you to ask 🙂

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