Alphonso’s Birthday Party at Club Crypt

I got an invitation to Alphonso Pidgeon’s birthday party today.  As the party was tonight I had to find something to wear pretty quickly, I haven’t made any clothes for a while now, so thought I’d better go shopping.  Someone had told me about a shop called ‘BareRose’ so I teleported there and had a look round.  They do some really cool designs, most of them with an oriental influence, lots of detail, very nicely made and altogether not very expensive.  I bought a great outfit that included a skirt as well as trousers and had different tops included, so it can be mixed and matched with other stuff.  Thats me in the soppy moody model pose below.


I had dressed for the party and then thought I’d pop over to Head’s Island to see if I could sort my combat cards before I went to the club, as Head had sent out a message that he had the new type decks at his place.  Anyway Head came on line and said he was going to the party as well.  He got changed into his suit and looked really smart and ready to boogy on down.


I left my combat card sorting for tomorrow, as I’m still having problems with them.  We set off to Alphono’s party and there was the man himself already dancing the night away.


Funny thing, after teleporting over to the Club Crypt where the party was, I couldn’t see a few people in the room, including Head, and he couldn’t see me.   Another girl, dancing nearby, was also missing, but I could see her shoes and bracelet moving about although she was invisible.  Head finally said he could see me, and although I could see his title above his head, he was still invisible to me.


I decided to re-log to try to put things right.  As I logged on again Second Life put me in another location and I couldn’t teleport back to the club.  I did manage to get back after a while, but then realised everyone had crashed as the sim must have collapsed.  People were coming back to the club slowly and Head got in touch to say that he was having trouble logging back on.  Alphonso was still there having a good time, so I hope it didn’t spoil his evening.  Rusty turned up and I had a dance with him before I called it a night.


There was quite a crowd at the club and apart from the crash everyone seemed to have a good time.  Happy Birthday Alphonso.





5 Responses to Alphonso’s Birthday Party at Club Crypt

  1. Pinkie Delcon says:

    you look gorgeous hun xx

  2. Janey Bracken says:

    Sorry I missed you at the party, I was writing the blog when you got there, as you can see I had all sorts of trouble with logging in, catch you tomorro I hope xx

  3. HBA says:

    I had a terrible night, but me and J looked smoking hot 🙂

  4. HBA says:

    p.s. that first pic of you is dead sultry, and the first pic of Alph is brilliant!

  5. Janey Bracken says:

    awww thanks, you always look great when you go out. Think Alphs’ pic was a bit of luck, took it really quickly, was a strange night, wonder who else couldn’t see each other there 🙂

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