Second Life Mafia – Meeting the Mob

I explored Second Life today and nearly got my head blown off!!  I picked the French Riviera to teleport to and should have been a bit suspicious when I landed in a shop that sold suits for the Mafia.  It was foot deep in snow outside the shop and I ventured outside, only to be confronted by a group of people with sub machine guns and other weapons, all be it that they were dressed very smartly, but looked deadly.  As I emerged onto the pavement I heard the gunfire as they blasted someone away on the other pavement.


They didn’t really pay me any attention at first as another guy stepped out and they threatened to shoot him as well.


Then suddenly they turned to me and I could hear the bullets whistling past my head.  Luckily for me I always wear my shields as it seems that these people wanted to shoot me first and ask question later.  


I stood my ground and asked if any of them spoke English, and at first they still chatted in French.  Regretfully I do not speak French, but I carried on asking what they were doing and why they were shooting at people.  In the end they did talk to me, Pasqualino Carver came over and I was under no illusions that I had to treat these guys with respect.



Pasqualino then decided to talk to me and ask me what I wanted to know.  I asked if they always ran these streets and if there were rival gangs as well.  He said yes, that they looked after the Godfather and their families and yes rival gangs did come round looking for trouble.  He said usually it was quiet though and I said I had just come at a time when something was going on, quite lucky from my point of view, as I found it all very interesting.  I asked Pasqualino if he was the leader, he said no, only a dealer.  I asked him what type of dealer, ‘dealer in death’ he told me.  Well yes, I can quite believe that, and I will treat him with the upmost respect, thanks for talking to me Pasqualino.


                                                  See also CNN report at



7 Responses to Second Life Mafia – Meeting the Mob

  1. HBA says:

    LOL – well, they are a… interesting bunch. Roleplayers really live their roles, don’t they 😀

  2. Janey Bracken says:

    Certainly did, wouldn’t want to cross them!! (well not too often anyway haha)

  3. HBA says:

    Ahhhh, we could take them easy! It’s well known that mafiosa are pussies. We’ll just send Pinkie in first and then mop up any survivors ourselves 🙂

  4. Janey Bracken says:

    Good idea, Pinkie would wipe them out with her stillettoes, that would teach them a thing or two 🙂

  5. HBA says:

    Hoohar! I love a good plan!

  6. gavin fitzpatrick says:

    Hi Janey,
    Love reading your blog/stories…. Anyway…as a reporter a good tool for you would be something called a babbler (it’s a language translator…would have helped with the french gangsters) it does a pretty good job. If you like i’ll drop one in your inventory. Somebody gave it to me so i don’t know of any where else you could get one.
    Take care.


  7. Janey Bracken says:

    Hi gavy

    Thank you so much for the offer of the babbler. In fact I do have one already, but have never used it, and you are right it would be a very good idea for interviewing people, so I will have to give it a go.

    Many Thanks
    Janey 🙂

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