An Unusual Avator

Once again Murray drew me back late one night and it was pretty deserted.  I spied a small cloaked figure in the distance and went over to say hello.  On closer inspection the small figure turned out to be an old lady with her hood pulled well over her face.  I asked her if she was ok and needed any help, as I could see she was a newbie, being only a few days old.  In the beginning she did not really want to talk in depth about her avator, as I commented that it was unusual to see an older person and it did make a nice change.  In the end she admitted that she had come into second life to see how people treated her, as she thinks second life is driven by youth and beauty, so it was an experiment.  She said people had already been helpful and had given her some money, which made me feel happy, as I told her that there were many nice people in second life, just as there are a few bad ones.   It would be very interesting to know how she gets on, and you never know I might bump into her in Murray again one day.  I did give her some advice on defending herself before I left, and hope the griefers decide to leave a little old lady alone.




2 Responses to An Unusual Avator

  1. HBA says:

    Little old ladies are some of the deadliest fighters on Earth…

  2. Pinkie Delcon says:

    Great av

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