Just the Guy we need and Christmas fun

My pal Pinkie arrived in Murray tonight looking fantastic, she had a santa outfit on and really looked pretty.  Headburro went off to find a Santa suit as well, to join in the fun.   As I was waiting for Head to return I spotted a figure flying in the distance and watched him land just over the hill near the sea.  The strange thing was he wasn’t showing on my Mysti radar system, so I hurried over to see who he was.  His name was Guy Linden and I asked him if he was an actual Linden from Linden Labs, he said yes. 


I then asked him if he knew why the Lindens had stopped the scripting in Murray, because we couldn’t even build anything.  He told me to hold on a moment and went off.  He came back shortly afterwards and said it should all be working now, as it had been broken, and he had fixed it.  He said we had to leave the area and come back for the scripting  to work, so we’ll find out tomorrow if Murray will be a dangerous area once again, like it used to be (well at least it won’t be boring anymore!).  Head had returned in the meantime, looking just like Santa, so I took some pictures of him and Pinkie together.



Have to find out from Pinkie where she got the lovely boots, far too good to put away after Christmas.  Happy Christmas to you two, you look perfect.





2 Responses to Just the Guy we need and Christmas fun

  1. Pinkie Delcon says:

    Thought I would dress for Christmas. You should find an outfit and join us in our Christmas fun, J 🙂

  2. Janey Bracken says:

    Glad I did get an outfit, it was fun taking shots of the three of us 🙂

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