Christmas Eve at Cirque Mystique

Thought Christmas Eve was going to be a fairly lonely experience in second life, however, it turned out to be a really good night.  Met up with Headburro and Pinkie and we set out for a club called Cirque Mystique which is actually inside an old galleon (see excellent cnn report written by Headburro on also see my latest item on cnn about people getting married in second life).  We had a great time dancing and chatting in the club, which had a great atmosphere.



After we left the club we went over to Murray and met up with roy, it was really nice, we all sat down and chatted until the bewitching hour of midnight and suddenly it was Christmas day, quite magical!  (Catch Headburro Antfarm’s great blog at for more of our social fun).




4 Responses to Christmas Eve at Cirque Mystique

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  2. HBA says:

    LOL – great pics! We really must buy the rest of that outfit for Pinkie! And I tell you what kidder, me and thee are top dancers – look at them busted badass moves. This comment was brought to you by the words Busted and Badass, and the number 1,000,999.

  3. Janey Bracken says:

    Yes we did some brilliant moves on that dance floor, even I was amazed, espcially when I managed to stand on my head during one of the dances. Pinkie would be sure to pull the crowds in with her outfit, she looked real cool 🙂

  4. Pinkie Delcon says:

    Oiy Grumps! Your only jealous cos’ i have better legs than you. 🙂

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