Friendly Hobo camp

I’d been drawn to Calleta’s Hobo Railroad Infohub by the huge burning pile of slot machines in the centre of the yard.  The whole area was littered with old furniture and junk.   The only reference to Christmas was a sparse fir tree at the side of the area, but even this had cans of beans and beer hanging from it instead of decorations.



A group of people sat chatting on the old furniture nearby and suddenly they called to me to join them.  They asked me to sit down and I drank a cup of tea as they made me feel welcome.   They said they always met there and I can see why, it’s a scruffy place, running live with rats, but something magical about it, like dropping out of society and letting the world pass you by.


I’d like to thank Raskolnikow, Roy, Arduenn, Deimos, Dreft, Patty and Rocket (if I’ve missed anyone I’m sorry) for making me welcome, I’ll definitely be back to say hello.





12 Responses to Friendly Hobo camp

  1. HBA says:

    Ooooo, I love Calleta! It’s Ryne’s home you know, not that he ever gets there these days 🙂

    You must go wandering about there – there are tons of great little details and excellent freebies to be found (go for a swim and look for a stream of bubbles…)

    I hope you’ve sent this post as a report to CNN!

  2. Janey Bracken says:

    It was great there and the people were so nice, couldn’t resist, yes I have sent it off to CNN, wait to see if they print it. Didn’t know Ryne used to go there, would have dragged him with me if I’d realised, treat him to a can of beer off the tree 🙂

  3. HBA says:

    Did you get into the history of the place, at all?

  4. Janey Bracken says:

    No, I’d like to have known who set the slot machines on fire and why, did you find out about it when you went there?

  5. HBA says:

    Well I don’t know the full story, but I think the place as it is now dates back to late 05 (or later) when LL changed the way infohubs/telehubs worked. They aallowed some to be ‘taken over’ by residents thay trusted and turned into welcome areas they could design themselves. I think that Calleta was designed by some of the people that went on to run Rezzable, the company behind the Greenies sim.

    I’m not sure about the slotmachines, except that as the whole place was designed around a USA style ‘hobo town’ they sort of fit the design theme. There is a ghost that wanders the place with a very grand name – there is some story behind her I think.

    I’ve always loved Calleta – really friendly people and a chilled out feel. And it’s right next to that sim we went to last week – the one with the cyberman ghost – which I didn’t know until after I had taken you there 🙂

  6. Janey Bracken says:

    Think I met the ghost, looked like a sheet with eyes, she was floating around me, they have have made a lovely job of designing it all, so much detail. Might take the hobos some sandwiches next time I go 🙂

  7. HBA says:

    ooo, they’d love that!

  8. Dear Miss Bracken,

    In the nothingness of an offline grid due to maintance you warm my hobo heart with them beautifull words you wrote. We Hobos love our home a lot, and it was very nice to have you as our guest!

    Them ghost you is talking about is Petunia. Petunia Smythe the Third in full, I believe. I am not sure, cuz I my avatar is illiterate. I believe an elder Hobo once said she was a former landlady. But again I am not sure, cuz my avatar drinks a lot, which has a devasting effect on its memory (only 13 bytes left when I wears my Drunk AO). Many peoples think Petunia is a scripted prim, not a ghost. Them haven’t looked closely to her body language.

    Once, when we was very cold and warming by the fire, while other peoples was comfortably sitting in them nice homes, Hobo King Orhalla Zander told us the story of Calleta Hobo Infohub. How he, years ago, came online for the first time, and saw only beautifull peoples around. Many, many looked alike, and all was looking wealthy and cute. Orhalla then choose another path. He made himself a barrel, shoes with holes and a skinny shape with one eye popping out. He became a Hobo. I remember myself clearly when he told me this, cuz back then I was a young and not bad looking Rastafari. It gave me many problems though, I couldn’t keep up all the IM’s of women who loved my avatar, so when Orhalla showed me the way, I was relieved! I lead a better Second Life now, and makes many peoples laugh. To meet someone like my current avatar in RL would be my worst nightmare though… But I can recommend all avatars, don’t try to be too pretty, and please, never buy a shape. Edit appearance and play with it!

    Orhalla’s story went on that night, it’s too long to tell you here. But he made us forgets the cold, and we drank warm prim soup together, and made jokes again, and laughed. Calleta felt like home first time I rezzed there, and my Hobo brothers and sisters helped me out a lot. I think the Hobo group is special. Hobo’s are always ready to help, many are very creative and make the most interesting things, and sitting in the cold around a fire together, and sleeping in boxes, and having nothing to eat, all that makes us to get very close. And them things hobo’s create, so many are free, and full perm. There is a story to this too. I call it the story of Slum City, cuz thats where I really got my eye on her amazing creations. I am sure many peoples have heard her name before… Arcadia Assylum. Her building talents is so huge, it is once said she could split a prim with her bare hand. Check out the pawn shop, the City Mission and Arcadia’s Arcade next time you visit. And the used car lot, if u ever need a ride and have no L$ no more…

    And yesh, we would love it, noone ever brings us sandwiches…

    Well, if u ever feel bored or you just wanna have a laugh or a nice conversation, or help, visit us again! You are most welcome, and I thank you for writing them great words!

    See ya on the grid, and many lucks with your website! I likes it!

    Yours Smelly,


  9. Oh, yesh, them slotmachines… When gambling was prohibited many casino’s closed, and all them slot machines were thrown in to the trash. It was a great change, we can still warm us from them fire!

    Oh, and beer is free!

    Rask again

  10. Janey Bracken says:

    How lovely to hear from you Raskolnikow and thanks for telling me about the history. It was really nice seeing you all there and I will come back for a visit soon, I also put you all on the cnn site because I had such a good time with you all, thanks for making me so welcome you are a great bunch of people 🙂

  11. HBA says:

    heh – told you them hobos were a rare and wonderfully friendly breed 🙂

  12. Janey Bracken says:

    You did Head, be nice if you come back with me for a visit later on 🙂

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