Well, as I’ve taken an interest in writing for CNN I’ve decided that I should explore all parts of Second Life and I’ve met some really cool people over the last few days.  I want to do an item for CNN about Gorean cities because if someone even mentions Gor they instanlty think of sin, sex and slaves being beaten every minute of the day.  I ventured into one of the cities the other day, only as an observer I might add, this girl isn’t slave material, I’d more than likely bash someone who told me what to do, lol.  I met someone on the way in, he was really polite and helpful (and I might add he also had a wicked sense of humour) and he let me sit in on some of the role playing as a guest. I soon realised that these people put a lot into getting things right, I won’t go into it too much here as a future article will explain all.  My host has invited me back again after advising me what to read up on and I will go back to ask him to explain things further.   He was not around tonight but I had another look and the people there said I was welcome to look around which I did.



What do you think of my outfit! well I’m quite happy looking a bit combatish, it makes me feel more confident when walking around places like Gorean cities, however, earlier in the day, at one of the meeting places in sl, two guys were talking about girls and one was saying he fancied a girl near him, he made a big point of saying it was the girl in the skirt and laughing, as only the girl in the skirt and I were within his range, he meant it to be insulting to me, well I had to giggle to myself, if it puts off nerds like that it’s working nicely, just in case you are reading this you little twerpy newbie, you wouldn’t stand a chance with me or I expect the girl in the skirt either, haha, dream on.   Saw Pinkie come on line tonight and it was really nice to see her, really missed her of late, we had a nice chat before she had to go, when she gets more time I will take her on my travels.



16 Responses to Gor

  1. Pinkie Delcon says:

    Love to go on your travels J, just say when

  2. Janey Bracken says:

    whenever you are free 🙂 we’ll have lots of fun

  3. Master Nitely says:

    Tal m’Lady. I read this article with interest and would like to extend a warm welcome for you to come to Rovere (search for it in-world). Rovere is a Gorean sim that strives to ‘get it right’ every time. We are not a World of Warcarft simulation and all role play here is as true to the books (John Norman’s Gor series) as possible. So, if you wish to come and observe, search for me, Caeser Nitely, and I will gladly show you around and help you write that second report!! (just remind me who you are and why you are getting in touch, just in case I forget!!!).

    Honour and Steel!

  4. Janey Bracken says:

    Tal Sir, Thank you for the invitation, it is much appreciated and it is nice to know that as much effort as possible is being made at Rovere to stay true to the books by John Norman. I may take you up on your offer of a visit before I write my article, thank you very much for contacting me.

    Best wishes

  5. go'zcn says:

    Rovere is neither true to the books, or competant in roleplay. Rovere needs to have their leadership overthrown, or be blackballed as a “roleplay” sim, for little actual roleplay happens there. The city favors its own, and disregards everyone else.

  6. Slowly Fall says:

    Tal All,

    I was angered to read the ravings of go’zcn he must have been in Rovere on a very bad day to feel it such a poor place to be. The roleplay in Rovere I have found second to none. Indeed it has new citizens joining daily maybe he should return at a different time of the day.

  7. Caeser Nitely says:

    Go’zcn – I am laughing at you. Fool.

  8. HBA says:

    I’m sure that should be “I’m laughing at you, fool.” – comma, not full stop.

  9. Janey Bracken says:

    Well Go’zcn and Ceaser seem to be having a bit of a battle on my blog, so I thought I’d let them carry on fighting lol.

  10. I once saw Gorzer the Gorzerian in a film 🙂

  11. Janey Bracken says:

    Perhaps thats who he has based his name on, I haven’t met either of them face to face 🙂

  12. drax ember says:

    This brings back such sweet memories. 🙂

  13. Yes very sweet 🙂

  14. One who does not understand says:

    Rovere may feel they go by the book, but they only go by it when it benefits them. One minute you are told don’t do that it is not in the book, the next thing you know they are doing stuff not in book. It is ruled by a Woman who treats all us Free as her children, Hell a Master can’t hardly fur a slave without getting a im from her. Yet her Favorite Free can do almost anything even Kill slaves and get nothing but patted on the Head. I am glad to be out of there and ONLY hope one day to see the Great Ubara in a collar and chain. It has some dam good people if it just had a Different Sim owner and her non Gor stupid play boys left with her. They Need to go make a sim for Mommy and her boys.
    One who is glad to be gone.

  15. JuJuBee Klaar says:

    Tal Lady Janey,

    I read with interest your article on exploring the world of Gor in Second Life. It is a fascinating place and I sometimes think of it as a “world-inside-of-a-world”. The Gorean sims/cities are not all about mere sexual contact and violence. There are some great people who put a lot of work into their interactions and connections.

    It is a bit like Theatre in the round which is available 24/7. Everyone has a part and people strongly adhere to their “scripts” (John Norman’s book series). You can arrive at anytime, stay as long as you like and depart as you desire.

    When you think of it..Gorean Sims/cities are really works of art and of the heart. The owners make little profit and yet make it available to anyone who chooses to participate. Sir Dark Starr, works very hard in Port Kar to make it liveable, honorable and balanced.

    My homestone is in Port Kar and I’m a very poor and low caste, rence fiber weaver of rugs in addition to helping in the two Inns within the city. Please feel free to come visit and see the richness and possibilities of life in a busy seaport on the Thassa Sea.

    I wish you continuing wellness and lightness in your footfalls.


  16. Aww thank you for your comments bee, and I totally agree with you, I don’t think people realise all the detail and fine buildings attributed to Gorean sims such as Port Kar, as well as the unique structure of the castes system. I have learned a lot from my best friend, Gorean Drax Ember, whom I met in one of the cities. I was totally surprised at the well thought out role play and I love the way that people learn the way of talking and behaviours of their particular chosen characters. I am pleased that you enjoy your place in Port Kar so much and perhaps I can talk Drax into bringing me there for a visit.

    Very best wishes

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