What are the Lindens up to?

We’ll its really late and here I am still writing my blog.  Had a call from Ali tonight, she was really excited.  She had met a Linden, not the same Linden I had met, but another one, and she asked him to fix Murray so we could build, play, fight, have fun again.  Well he did do something because Ali was able to build her blocks to sit on them again and put her signs up to flog her tee-shirts to unsuspecting passers by (good for her lol).



Well word soon got round about Murray being active again, and people we had not seen there for a while began to arrive.    Well I tried to build something, the others tried to discharge weapons but nothing happened.  Ali was the only one in her element cycling around us on her rezzable bike, so Mr Linden made it work for her, but not the rest of us.  Oh well back to the drawing board.


People began to leave disappointed and who can blame them, I’d put in a bug report ages ago about nothing working as well as having a word with Guy Linden, but never mind.    I went home only to find they were closing my region down so I skipped over to Headburro’s Island and there was an electric storm going on.  I know he wanted to see lightning photographed with windlight so I did my best to get a shot as you can see below.  Come back soon Head so me and Pinkie can scare your flu bugs away, after all we are your bodyguards, we are good at scaring pervs so flu bugs are nothing to us.


P.S. changing the subject, I had been really excited earlier as CNN had published my story about LINC island, I’d read it over carefully before submitting it and thought it was ok.  I was devastated when Sherry Darwin, one of the great designers employed at LINC contacted me to say I had called her Shelly in the article.  I can only apologise for my mistake Sherry and hopefully CNN might take pity on me and alter it.  It doesn’t alter the fact that you are a fantastic designer it just proves that I need locking away.


One Response to What are the Lindens up to?

  1. Pinkie Delcon says:

    Yippee!!!! Welcome back Murray 🙂

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