Wandering about in Second Life

Been a funny day today, been wandering and meeting people as well as catching up with my mates.  I have planned on my next cnn report and I went to see a lovely lady called Laura who gave me a really good interview, so I’ll be writing my article up tomorrow, and hopefully cnn will publish it, if its ok.  Thats Laura in the picture below.  My friend Headburro suggested the idea for the story a while ago as a natural follow up to one I had already done.  Then another friend, by coincidence, told me a lot more about the subject (thanks Wheemzel) and Laura does a great job making people in Second Life happy, so thanks to them all for inspiring me.


I went on after seeing Laura to have a combat cards fight with Alphonso the robot and he kindly let me win, so that was nice.


Then I met my mates Pinkie, Headburro and Ali and we kicked about in Murray for a while, Head is still not at all well and he couldn’t stay long (poor snotty, coughy and generally unwell Head, me and Pinks will look after you, got to get your strength back so we can slaughter you at combat cards).  After Head went off to real life, I asked Pinkie and Ali if they wanted to look round the GossipGirl sim, so we went off there for a wander.  From there we went to the French Riviera, but it was a quiet night everywhere, so eventually Pinkie and me ended up back in Murray.  We had lost Ali somewhere on the way as she was talking to someone privately in IM.  As we chatted in Murray an old friend turned up, it was Jerry.  We hadn’t seen him for ages and he invited us over to his place.  He’s got a real cool house and it was great to see him.  Pinkie had to go and I stayed on to chat to Jerry, his friends turned up and things got a bit lively, shooters going off and it all looked a bit risky (not really haha).  Anyway I had to leave, it was really great seeing Jerry again, hope he starts coming back to Murray as me and Pinkie used to like his company.



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