My Beautiful Horse Colin

Ever since I started in Second Life I had always wanted a virtual horse.  I’d seen people with them but they seemed out of reach as the price tag was around the L$2500 mark.  I’d sort of forgotten about it after a while, but for some reason today, when I started to look round, I suddenly thought I’d search again.  I went to a couple of places and they all seemed really expensive, however I found a ranch that had them for L$1000.  I spotted a demo so decided to ride him for a bit to see if I liked him.   I rezzed a lovely chestnut horse and took him over to Murray for a run.  I bumped into a pal who showed me his magnificent white horse which he uses when he is a knight.


Well, I really liked galloping around on the demo, so decided to go back and buy a horse.  I looked at the range and fell in love with a dark brown horse with a black mane and tail. 


What a little sweetie he is, he walks or gallops, whinnies and stomps around.  I decided to call him Colin (a tribute to a pet in real life) and Colin and I hit it off straight away, we have been galloping all over Second Life today.


I met Drax who has been kindly helping me with my research for a story for cnn, and is now a good friend.  He came over to meet Colin and he liked him very much.  I told Drax about Combat Cards and he was interested so I offered to show him how it works.   We went over to the Combat Arena and I played Alonso the robot first and explained to Drax how to play.  He had a go next and picked it up really quickly.  Trouble was that Second Life was having a few hiccups today and I don’t think Alonso was fighting back.  I suggest we play each other, but nothing worked and next thing Second Life was closing for repairs to be carried out.


Well we will have to engage in combat another day, Drax seems keen on the game, so I hope he might join us at the Combat Cards evenings.  Got a feeling he is yet another player who will get really good and knock me down like all the others. (except last time I went, I was extremely lucky and had a good run killing everyone lol).



5 Responses to My Beautiful Horse Colin

  1. HBA says:

    Wow! He’s a beauty! I’ve never really ridden a horse in RL – one or two goes doesn’t count – but it looks great fun! Where does Colin live? at your home or in your Inv?

    hba x

    p.s. – For Colin 😉

  2. Janey Bracken says:

    He’s lovely, I’ve never ridden one in rl either, so its a good job that Colin is such a gentle horse. I have to keep him in my inventory as he has a lot of prims, he said he likes his name, its very popular, you have Colin the crab don’t you? Usually animals called Colin are very sociable x

  3. Janey Bracken says:

    Hey, you spotted where I got the ‘My beautiful horse’ title from, I was influenced by Father Ted, haha

  4. Mandylia says:

    Janey – Colin is beautiful. I just recently bought a horse too. I mostly use the horse on Avilion for Jousting practice, but it is great fun to ride around AKK Ranch. There is stuff to jump over and trails to ride.

  5. Janey Bracken says:

    Hi Mandylia, jousting practice sounds like good fun, I’ll also have a look a the AKK ranch as well, I’m a bit naughty really, I look on the map and find any green looking place to take Colin for a look round. I find its a good way of talking to people as well as most people will start a conversation about the horse. bet your horse is just as beautiful as my Colin! 🙂

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