Locked out of CNN Meeting

Been a busy day yesterday, I’d interviewed a very nice lady called Monet Fitzgerald, who is an interior designer and Yacht Marina owner, she is re-vamping an sl model of the Titanic.  Her style is something to die for and hopefully it will make a good CNN story.   


I’m halfway through my write up, so should get it finished today hopefully, so then on to the next interview, funny thing is that people are getting in touch with me now to write their stories, instead of the other way round.  My friend Pinkie arrived later on and I took her over to the Lone Star Ranch to get a horse so we could both go riding before the CNN meeting, we had a bit of fun galloping about in Murray.  (P.S  Update – Titanic report just made CNN pages see http://secondlife.blogs.cnn.com/ )


The CNN meeting was due at 10pm and with five minutes to spare we tried to teleport over there, only to be denied access. I looked on the map and saw that people were gathering just outside so we managed to tp to the border and we all stood on the bridge not being able to get any closer.


The people from CNN quickly tried to sort it out, although thanks to sl, I crashed in the meantime, so it was all a bit frustrating.  We finally got in there and had a run through of all the previously published items over the last month.  Finally we had a question and answer forum which was interesting.  My only question really was about the pictures on the reports, we can only print one when sometimes it would be nice to have a second picture to add to the story.  All in all, except for getting locked out, it was a good meeting.




One Response to Locked out of CNN Meeting

  1. Pinkie Delcon says:

    Well done J…today CNN, tomorrow the world 🙂

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