Red Light District and Linden bears

I have a few topics in my head for my next cnn story and one of them is about escort girls.  You see quite a few in Second Life and today I spotted one and asked if I could talk to her.  Well something delayed me and I said I would catch her later.  She went off line so I thought I’d have a look at a Red Light district.  I stood to the side of all the people, a little way away,  so I could observe.  There were mostly girls there and nothing much seemed to be happening.  A couple of them shouted, plying their trade, but didn’t seem to get any offers.  Don’t know why, but today I just couldn’t connect with people and never really spoke to anyone about the escort business, suppose sometimes I’ll have days like that.  I took a couple of pictures one of the area outside the cafe, where all the interested parties gathered, and the other of a poor girl who seemed to have come to a sticky end, although no one was taking any notice of her.



In the end I thought I’d leave things for a couple of days and see what happens, I’m interested to know, though why so many girls become escort ladies.  I got a nice surprise tonight, one of my best mates Headburro came back into sl and I went over to Murray to see him.   A lot of the gang were there and it was nice to see Sjet as well.  She told us that she had seen a great looking Linden guy and it was clear she fancied him a bit.  Anyway she collects Linden bears, I didn’t know about Linden bears, but will be on the look out for a Linden from now on, to cadge one off him.  Sjet let us see them and I took a couple of pictures. (check the lovely windlight effect on the sea in the first picture).



Watch out all Lindens, you’d better hide your bears from me, I’m on the case to get Sjet some more.



2 Responses to Red Light District and Linden bears

  1. HBA says:

    Hiya hun! That picture of the dead call girl is horrible – the whole extreme sex scene in SL is more than a little skanky, but each to their own I gues. Be careful Scoop – I don’t want to have to come after you and hurt lots of people 😉 xx

  2. Janey Bracken says:

    Hi Head, lovely to hear from you, yes it was a bit gruesome, don’t really know the story to it. Don’t worry about me I’m a tough cookie, I’ve met lots of strange people but made some really good friends as well, missing you and Pinks, hope all is great for you xx PS I beat Doc at combat cards last night, ok he was testing his new deck, but I’m still going to eat out on this for weeks, haha.

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