Beatles songs and sword fights

Well I would have had a job being bored in Second Life last night, way too much going on.  I started the evening with my friend Drax, wandering around from city to city looking at all the sights, until Drax had to go back to the real world for a while.  I got a message from a group that I have just joined called ‘The Lift’ and they said there was a live artist Julian2914Hifeng playing there tonight and it was going to be a Beatles tribute night.  I thought I’d take a look and see what was happening.  The Lift is quite a big venue with plenty of room for people to dance and it is very nicely fitted out, I got there just as Julian was starting.  He was very good and played the guitar beautifully as he sang all the classic Beatles songs from the ’60s.  As I stood there I thought I might as well try to interview him later on and see if he minded me doing a cnn report on his performance.  I waited till he had finished his last song and IM’d him and he kindly spoke to me, which was really good of him, so I was able to put in a cnn report on the event, which I hope they will publish.  People really seemed to enjoy the evening, there was even a Paul MacCartney av there rocking the night away.  (cnn have now published see  )



After the show, Drax was back in Sl, so I took him to the virtual reality room at LINC to have a look round.  It was getting really late for me, but I thought a good sword fight would be a great way to finish the evening.  Drax, who is a little mysterious and I suspect well versed in sword fighting, as his character is an assassin, agreed to go into battle with me in combat cards (the cards are new to him though, as he has only played once before with the robot).  Well we had a good fight and just my luck, me a serious combat cards player, was slain by this noble gentleman who was so pleased at my demise that he jumped in the air with delight.



Well, never let it be said that I don’t hold grudges!!  Once recovered I suggest a re-match and, although it was a close thing, I managed to slay the assassin.



Thanks for being a good sport Drax, hope to see you at Combat Cards evenings, would be good to see you taking on the champions like Pinkie (Destroyer) Delcon and Headburro (Headbutting) Antfarm, as for me, I’m going to hide in the bushes, lol




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