Artist Ali

One of my best mates Headburro contacted me to come over to Murray and see what was going on.  Aligontra Bade, one of the nicest girls you could meet and one of our gang had paid Murray a visit (she isn’t around much these days due to real life commitments) and she decided to show us the real Ali along with all her artwork she is doing at Uni.   Ali is a lot of fun to be with and her av looks amazingly like her real self, she is really pretty.   I knew Ali was artistic as she had designed some clothes in second life that people were buying because they were so well designed, but her artwork shows just how gifted she is.  Ali is on the right of the photograph in blue.



Just to make things complete my other best mate Pinkie arrived, not seen her and Head properly for ages, due to their busy real life schedules, so it was a rare moment when we were all together again.  Headburro had to leave shortly afterwards and second life being what it is, I had a computer crash and by the time I managed to get back on Pinkie had gone as well.


I took Colin for a ride afterwards to look at the other stables in second life, lots of lovely horses everywhere, and trust Colin, he found this little lady horse he fancied and I had a job making him come away from her, well at least he has forgotten the statue of the unicorn at Linc Island for a while.  Got chatting to a nice guy who was having trouble trying to decide between buying a horse and a Harley Davidson motor bike, I wonder what he ended up with.


Headburro popped back over to see me last night and it was lovely to hear all his news, he had given me the little chick in the santa hat (the chick runs about in my beach garden and trips me up lol) at Christmas time.  He bought me two new little birdies last night, chick without the hat and a sweet little duckling, so Sammy the squirrel has plenty of company when I’m out and about.  Thank you Head, they are really great.








2 Responses to Artist Ali

  1. Pinkie Delcon says:

    Hey there,
    Sorry but I had to go. Ali is very talented, was nice to see her, you and Head. We need to catch up soon.

  2. Janey Bracken says:

    yes it was great that we were all together, Ali looks like she will go on to great things with her art 🙂

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