Horse Riding at the AKK Ranch

In my quest for stories for CNN I thought a nice theme would be the growing interest in horse riding in sl.  I’ve looked at a few horse places and I’ve got my beloved Colin, my stocky little horse, that I travel about on.   I went over to the AKK ranch the other day and was thinking what a wonderful place they have, there is so much choice for buying horses from their range.   As fate would have it, and it has happened quite a lot in sl when I’m looking for a story, one of the owners Spritely Pixel spotted me and asked if I planned to write a report.  I told him that I was thinking about it and next thing he had kindly contacted his wife Kristivon Kolache, who is the other owner, and set up an interview for me.  I went along and had a really nice chat with them, and what interesting people, they are pioneers in the field of building and scripting and getting the animation into horses in second life, so I feel honoured to have met them, that’s them in the picture below:



They suggested that I tried one of the demo horses after the interview, and as I had wanted to go horse riding with my friend Drax Ember, because he had never been riding before, I decided to contact him and ask him if he wanted to come over.  Well he said yes and we set about putting the demo horses through their paces.  These are really elegant horses and they have a good menu of all the things they do, even racing mode.   Well we had to cross a narrow bridge on the ranch on the horse trail there, next thing Drax had toppled over the edge into the fast running water below, I laughed my head off till I tried to cross and did exactly the same thing.  After we reached the other side we had a great look round and it was really nice just trotting around on such lovely horses in such a beautiful sim. 



I tried to talk Drax into getting a horse as he looked even more brooding and darkly handsome riding about on the stallion.  I expect he’ll get a lot of attention from the ladies should he go on his nomadic travels on such a beast.  It’s certainly a lot of fun riding about and, as the horses fly as well, you can still cheat and get to places quickly (not to mention they teleport as well, problem with that is if you land in a crowd of people at the beam in point you can push into people, as I have with Colin a couple of times and quickly teleported out again to my embarrassment). 


Just to mention as well a very unusual horse that Kristivon and Spritely created, it’s a Gorean horse, a cross between a lion and a horse and it’s quite an amazing sight.  It’s called a Kaiila and it was ordered for the Gorean Red Savages tribe for their tribal chief.  Well I did my report for CNN and once again, just waiting to see if they publish it, had a great time doing the research anyway.  One good thing about being an sl reporter, I have met lots of really nice and interesting people and made lots of friends in sl.




7 Responses to Horse Riding at the AKK Ranch

  1. Drax Ember says:

    I had a great time on horseback and recommend the AKK to everyone who wishes to give it a try! The sim is beautiful and the horses are a lot of fun (especially when you have such a wonderful companion!)

  2. Janey Bracken says:

    Thank you for coming with me Drax, I really enjoyed exploring the sim with you 🙂

  3. Patricia says:

    I purchased one of their horses – Legend 08 – Gypsy Vanner. It is one of several horses that I own, but it is my favorite.

    I also love horses and am looking for places to ride and people to ride with.

    I recently purchased a piece of land with house and barn over at AzureIslands/Octans. The SL riding club is there and I’m a member. All horsey people – check it out.

  4. Janey Bracken says:

    Horse riding is great in Second Life and the AKK do lovely horses. Sounds like you have the ideal spot of land and I hope you enjoy your time riding in sl.

  5. Janey has converted me too – still love my canoe more, but that is a sloooow way to travel and perfect for those times you need space. Horses are great to ride with others and my 08 shire is gorgeous!

  6. JO LE says:

    how do you get to AKK Ranch It doesnt show up on my map

  7. Hi Jo Le,
    it is in the Aeos Region
    You can use ‘Search’ to look it up and tp from there as well. 🙂

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