Spring back with new horse called Megan

Told you I’d be OK today didn’t I, dead daft to let things get me down, but sometimes, just sometimes, you have an emotional day and the least little thing upsets you, who said Second Life doesn’t feel like a real life!  I did buy a new horse yesterday, as my poor little horse Colin gets lonely and talks to statues of unicorns on Linc Island when I take him there, I decided to get him a girlfriend.  She’s small and beautiful, strawberry cream colour with a white mane and tail. 



I also got Colin out for a trot around my beach and he dangled his hooves in the sea as he loves to do, so he was quite happy.  Megan is a classy little AKK horse and Colin really likes the look of her.


I also had some lovely clothes given to me today.  I’d tried to buy a great purple top from LINC the other night and second life being what it is, had a blip and I only got an empty folder.  I contacted Violet Nishi and Arron Jacobus at LINC Island and they were really helpful and friendly.  As a treat Arron gave me another top and pants (silver and red stripes) to go with the purple one, well I’ve had the new clothes on all day, really great designs.


I’d like to thank my great friends for leaving their comments on my miserable blog that I did last night, they really cheered me up.  I did go to the CNN meeting with my pal Pinkie Delcon after all, (Pinkie is great company, making me laugh) and it was an interesting meeting, although I didn’t contribute anything there, sorry guys, but I’d like to thank Tyson from CNN for chatting to me and also making me feel better about things,  so I was glad I took the trouble to go in the end.  Don’t know about calling it quits, but I’ve had three different people contact me today to write stuff, so there is a call for newsy items, lots of stories to tell in Second Life.





2 Responses to Spring back with new horse called Megan

  1. HBA says:

    oooo – what a lovely horse! Can’t wait to meet him – I’ll try and come in-world this week, if the Tiny Terror gets the hang of sleeping 😀

  2. Janey Bracken says:

    Hi Head, yes Megan the new horse is so cute, bet the Tiny Terror would love one just like her when he gets bigger, hope you aren’t losing too much sleep 🙂

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