Stef the show jumper and tinies in Murray

I had quite a lot going on yesterday, firstly my lovely friend Drax came over for a chat and I really enjoyed seeing him, he has a wicked sense of humour and is good company.  Regretfully he had to leave as real life was calling, so I wandered around for a bit then had an IM message from Aligontra, so I decided to go and see her in Murray as I haven’t been there much lately.  When I got there Ali was riding the slug I’d given her and there were a couple of other pals there as well.  I gave the others a slug as well so we could all have a ride, then I noticed poor Stef flaked out on the floor face down.  Stef has been a bit depressed lately and didn’t really want to join in the slug riding, so all the slugs were riding round and round her.


Ali had to go and we all put our slugs away and I went and sat with Stef for a while to see how she was.  I suggested getting some horses out and going for a ride, make a nice change as Stef seldom wanders far from Murray.  Anyway we went to the Lone Star ranch and got Stef a demo horse and I got Colin, my horse, out (Drax tells me that Colin is jealous of my new horse Megan, so I’d better make a fuss of him!).  We went to a place I found the other day where there are jumps set up for the horses and Stef took to riding like a duck to water.  I can’t get the hang of the jumps and knocked lots of poles down and when I did jump clear I ended up 20 feet up in the air, Stef however, mastered the jumps like a professional and made it look easy.


I spotted some people trying to ride a bull over the other side, so we went on over and said hello, and it looked like great fun, such a large beast and they couldn’t stay on it for very long as it bucked so much trying to throw them off.


Well Stef and I had to have a go, and it was really tough being shaken up so much, but we had a real laugh, Stef took a really good picture of me on the bull (not printed here) but I was amazed at the photography as I tried to take some pictures, but didn’t get very far with all the movement of the bull, think Stef should think a bit about photography in sl as she’s great at taking pictures.  We decided to head back to Murray afterwards and said goodbye to the cowboy and cowgirl we had just met.  When we got to Murray my mate Pinkie came on line and decided to join us and then Rubi and Dave arrived, but not in their normal av’s, but as two tinies.  Rubi was a Siamese cat and Dave was a little fierce looking bulldog, they looked really cute and funny.


Dave is trying to get the Lindens interested in creating a sim to help people with Autism and has written to them.  We all said we would support him and we’ll wait to see if Linden Labs actually get back to him, it will be interesting to see if they do, anyway that will be another story….




4 Responses to Stef the show jumper and tinies in Murray

  1. drax mber says:

    Slug riding? Whatever will they think of next!!! I am looking forward to giving it a whirl soon!

  2. Janey Bracken says:

    Just so happens that I have a slug looking for a good home, they aren’t too much trouble to keep, just need the odd cow or chicken to eat, as well as lettuce, so you wouldn’t have to buy any extra food for him 🙂

  3. HBA says:

    Slugs eating chickens? Good Lord! The world has gone mad! Watch out for your wee chicklet, Miss Bracken!

  4. Janey Bracken says:

    Haha, yes bit of a flesh eating slug, I won’t take chances and rez him at my place, just in case he fancies chick or duckling, don’t think he’d be able to catch Sammy though!

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