Indecent exposure and Poetry

The day before yesterday Pinkie and I went exploring, we started off in a club where there were lots of newbies and people camping.  A newbie Goth came over for a chat and we were telling him where he could get some clothes and other free stuff.  He was French, but spoke English well, but he was at a disadvantage as he didn’t see another newbie, who had his bits hanging out, coming up behind him, so he didn’t really know what was going on.   As the newbie with the bits was showing off for me and Pinkie’s attention, I decided to have a bit of fun with him.  I shouted out ‘hold that pose futti (not his name but it was something like that), let me take your picture and you will be all over the front pages tomorrow’ then I took the picture.  So funny, he turned on his heel and ran away as quickly has he could go.  He never did rez for us any more than the grey figure with the pink bits, so it looked even funnier.  Poor French Goth thought I was taking a picture of him and thanked me, I didn’t try to explain, it was all too late as the other guy had gone.


Must admit I have a bit of fun if I see anyone exposing themselves in second life, don’t know why they do it, but I always go over and say how hilarious they look, funny thing is they never stay around and fight back.  We decided we needed a bit of culture after that, so Pinkie took me over to a new club that has opened for poetry reading.  (Pinkie writes beautiful poetry and I have some of it displayed in my gallery).  They were having a dance at the club and it looked like a good group to be involved with, so we both joined.  Pinkie and I weren’t really dressed up enough to dance, so we decided to wander around the grounds and ended up sitting in the rocking chairs at the camp fire, nice place to relax.



In spite of the usual computer crashes, it was a good evening going to the Poetry club and looking round, and I hope Pinkie puts some of her marvelous work into the competitions they hold there, I’ll support her every step of the way as she’s brilliant at writing.  When Pinkie left I headed home  and sat on the beach for a while, I’m lucky that I have such a nice beach front property.  


However, nothing is peaceful for long, I’d had trouble with someone on the Island where I live, who had been pestering me a bit, and I’d banned him from my property some time ago.  There was a hiccup with the land details and my banned list had vanished.  Well the person came over straight away and I thought I’d see again if it worked just being friendly so I didn’t use the ban again at first.  Trouble is that he thought that gave him Carte-blanche to drop in any time he wanted and I really felt invaded again.  Luckily Drax came over and we were having a nice time when the neighbour dropped in without invitation.  Drax didn’t take any prisoners, he told him not to call without being invited and put him straight, I made it clear that Drax is my good friend and he would be at my property as much as he wanted to be, so I was not alone.


Like to thank Drax (pictured with me above) for everything, I owe him, and it’s so nice to know that he’s there for me especially when pests won’t take a hint.


8 Responses to Indecent exposure and Poetry

  1. HBA says:

    Good man Drax! I can’t believe your loser ex-neighbours is STILL bothering you! Man, he is one annoying idiot :/

  2. Janey Bracken says:

    Funny how some people just don’t know when to stop, not as if he hasn’t got a harem of lady friends that call on him. Think sometimes, some men don’t think women should lead independent lives, let alone being able to survive without them interfering and taking over. Don’t think he singles me out in particular, think he has enough arrogance that any lone female he meets would be looked on as prey, quite a sad person really, not one you could just be friendly with.

  3. HBA says:

    I meant to ask – did you talk P into entering the poetry contest?

  4. Tawnya Stone says:

    The problem with this womans poetry that I have seen, is that she didnt write it.

  5. Janey Bracken says:

    Hi Tawnya, your comments have really mystified me, could you explain yourself please regarding assumptions you have made and tell me where you get your facts from. Assuming you have read the lady’s poetry, this could only have been done in SL and I have failed to see you are even a resident. Perhaps you can give me your avs name and we can meet to discuss what evidence you have, entitling you to make such a remark. You also have a familiar style to your writing, do I know you?

  6. HBA says:

    /me smells alt… try harder next time.

  7. Janey Bracken says:

    Ahh! a Rose by any other name should smell so suspicous, I think I have a clue!!!

  8. HBA says:

    Whoever it is needs grammar lessons, and how!

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