Shopping and CNN meeting

I haven’t put a story in for CNN this week yet, I’ve got a couple in the pipeline and one nearly completed.  I interviewed a lady called Kimber Enoch who does wonderful work for charities whilst having her own problems with her health, she is a cancer patient and suffers from ME and dyspraxia as well.  Made me feel very humble, so full of life and cheerfully friendly to talk to, what a lovely person she is.  I hope I can do her justice in my report and also help to publicise her charity so that she will get lots of donations.  You can send money for the Cancer Research Charity straight to Kimber Enoch via her profile and it would be nice if any sl companies, who wish to donate any items to sell, could also contact her.   I am hoping to get my report finished tomorrow and will submit it to CNN then.   I met Drax tonight and he said he would like some new clothes, so we had a good time shopping.  He got a white shirt and a nice pair of jeans and looked really good in them.  I got a freebie outfit and promptly lost it in my inventory, no hope for me is there, lol.


We had fun looking round the shops and it soon took us up to 2pm sl time for the CNN meeting.   Drax had never been before and was interested in what goes on, so he came along as well.  My picture shows only a few in the audience, but more people turned up later on so it was quite a crowd there.  CNN want people to write about relationships and love in sl as it is coming up to Valentines day quite soon.  From the last two reports I did about marriage and adoption in sl, there are plenty of people who have stories to tell, so it will be interesting to see what people come up with.  The meetings are taking a new format next week when one of the reporters will be conducting it instead of the CNN reporters.  Jim Sella has agreed to take the meeting next week and I wish him well, as he is a good reporter and I think he will do a fine job.  I hope this doesn’t mean though, that the CNN staff themselves will not bother attending the meetings in the future as I think it would look pretty bad if we were all left to our own devices.  I find the meetings a little fragmented as everyone speaks at the same time, its awkward to plan it otherwise, but you always seem to get someone there who will take you off of the subject, taking the focus away from the real discussion.  Perhaps some proper agenda and people taking turns would work better, but I realise the problems with arranging this.




4 Responses to Shopping and CNN meeting

  1. HBA says:

    Hiya J – I think a format something like:

    15mins catch up on recent stories and developments
    15mins ideas and Q&A
    15mins workshop on writing better or stronger articles/taking pictures/making videos

    With the usual chaotic start things have, this would be a hour of useful time spent and the CNN staff could rotate 2 workshops a month so you don’t miss one.

    On top of that, a stronger ‘chair’ role will always help – simply saying to a ‘mic hog’ “I’m sorry but that is off topic for this meeting, please raise it with me later”, etc. would make a great difference.

    HBA x

  2. Drax Ember says:

    The CNN meeting was very interesting! It looks like the correspondents are very dedicated an eager to provide an informative and entertaining product. Thank you for the invitation!

  3. Janey Bracken says:

    Hi Head, think your ideas sound very good, as they are asking for reporters to lead the meetings it would be a great idea for you to have a go when you have more time, you are very good at talking in public anyway, and adding some structure would be a bonus to everyone. Hope Junior is behaving!! 🙂

  4. Janey Bracken says:

    So glad you could come along to the meeting Drax, it’s nice to hear what you think about the whole thing 🙂

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