Theft a problem for Second Life Designers

February 28, 2008

Well, as I told you, I had a story to break and had been to an interview the other night with some Second Life Designers who are being ripped off by thieves.  My friend Pinkie Delcon put me on to this in the first place, and I’d like to thank her on this blog for bringing this to my attention.  I felt so sorry for these gifted people, who make Second Life so special to us with their fantastic work, the Lindens must sort this out otherwise they will give up and SL will be a dull place indeed.  You can read the report at:       


We need to support these designers by not buying cheap ripped off items and reporting anything that we think has been stolen.  Pass this on to all your friends.  PS someone left a comment on the article saying this picture was xxx rated, well can’t agree with that, these are nicely photographed avatars and quite beautiful.  Pictures like this can be seen all over Second Life to advertise skins for sale.  Also these posters belong to Chez Nabob, a wonderful person who is starting a campaign tomorrow to help the designers, you can catch more at


CNN Meeting and Rival Charity groups

February 27, 2008

Had a real busy evening last night, I had a meeting to go to for a forthcoming story (which I hope will be very interesting once published, as its quite sensational!).  Then back to Murray for a short visit, before going to the CNN regular meeting for chat and updates with the real life CNN reporters there.  I had teleported to Murray and arrived on the hilly bit next to the sea.  I was still picking up my IM messages as another av approached me and asked if I was the reporter who published the CNN article ‘Haven for Autistic people in sl’   He was clearly a member of another Autism group and asked me some inquisitive questions about Dave Sparrow, who I wrote the article about, almost trying to find some sort of dark past about Dave.  I told the av that it would be a good idea if the other groups who support Autistic people all got together with Dave and share their ideas, after all they shouldn’t be rivals if they are aiming at really helping people, what a ridiculous way to carry on, being rivals instead of pulling together!!  I asked him if he had seen Dave himself and he said yes a couple of time, so I can’t figure out why he was asking me about him.  Come on all you fragmented groups, stop trying to take the credit and putting others down, work together to get things done, you are losing sight of the sufferers needs and more interested in your own status!!!!   Time soon went and me Head and Pinkie headed towards the CNN Future site for the meeting.


We went over the stories that we had had published on the new Beta site, Nicole ireport filled us in on bits and pieces of how the site is going.  We still have problems with it, like the comments not getting on and stuff and other little bits that need tweaking.  Think they are quite happy with it so far though and I must admit I like to be able to publish on there without waiting for CNN to do it as on the other CNN blog page.   Someone mentioned the US election that is going on at the moment and coverage of that, which no one can doubt is an important event in the US.  However, Nicole suggested that the entire meeting should be based on covering it next week, which is great for the US ireporters, but I agreed with Headburro and might give next week a miss just this once, as being from the UK, it would not be a priority for us to cover, and US irporters have all the knowledge of their own elections anyway.  Nicole had done a good job with the meeting, quite a few new people there asking questions and she is good at covering all the points.  Head and I stayed for a chat with her afterwards and told her about some of our jaded history battling it out in Murray with the griefers, hope we didn’t bore her to tears, lol.  It was late then and we all went on our ways into real life.

Monet’s work of Art, but a loser at Combat

February 24, 2008

A bit out of order with this blog, but so much has happened this week to keep me busy!!   A few days ago I was battling it out with Drax playing combat cards.  Now he hasn’t been playing very long compared with me, but he seems to have a natural talent for sword fighting, I try my best, but once again ended up in the mud mortally wounded, well not mortally as I’m still here to tell the tale.



Wounding me didn’t seem to upset Drax too much, in fact it gave him an appetite and he went off to eat his dinner in real life!!!  While I had been playing, Monet Fitzgerald had IM’d me, she asked me over to look at the Liner that she has been renovating, saying that she had now finished it.  Straight from battle, with my blood hardly dry, I teleported over there and met Monet with some of her friends.  I spotted Pinkie had come on line and offered her a teleport to have a look round as well.



There is so much to see, Monet, skilled as ever, has gone into such detail with the Liner, the sumptuous dining area complete with buffet of steaming food, would be a wonderful place to hold a wedding reception.  There is another banqueting room fully laid out, but my favourite room was the bedroom with the massive four poster bed, this room had windows all round giving it a lovely atmosphere. 



Drax joined us again for a little while for the final look round and we ended up on the deck of the liner, where Monet handed out parachutes for us to jump off of the liner.  I said goodbye to Monet, it was nice seeing her again and great to see how all her hard work had paid off.  Drax and I jumped off the deck together, but for some reason I just hung in the air and he beat me to the ground, so he had to offer me teleport to enable me to join him, SL is very strange sometimes.


Pinkie and I headed over to Combat Cards, where we met Head.  Not a good evening for me again, as far as the Cards were concerned, as I was beaten yet again, it was still a laugh though, and I don’t really mind losing.   Enjah turned up for a short time in a stylish black and white costume, she didn’t compete, just amused us on her mono cycle.  We’ve got the championships on the 2nd March, so I will have to practice and get my deck sorted before then.   I went back to real life fairly tired after such an active evening.








American Art in Second Life

February 21, 2008

Schmonson Dalglish is holding a wonderful exhibition of rare American pictures made out of gemstones, I interviewed him as the art world has turned its back on this art and does not recognize it in real life.  Read my CNN article at and give Schmonson as much support as possible against the snobbery of the art world.



Botanical Gardens and Pesty Little Nazna

February 19, 2008

My lovely friend Wheemzel contacted me a few days ago and told me about a place called Botanical Gardens that she said was well worth a visit.   I met Drax and asked him if he would like to look round there, so we teleported over to the beautiful sim.   We weren’t disappointed, the red brick path takes you through stunning woodland and rocky terrain with waterfalls and rivers running through.  It is a really nice place to visit and full of atmosphere with all the sounds of a forest thrown in for full effect.  Thanks Wheemzel we really enjoyed our time there.



Went to Murray last night and little pest Nazna was there again.  She looked really pretty and she held something that looked like an orange in her hands.  She had been a nuisance before I arrived and Garic had been putting her in a cage because the orange turned out to be a weapon which fires cola machines at you (the sort you get a can of cola out of!!!).  She had fired constantly at poor Garic who took it all in good part.  He came back after being booted by her with his police officer uniform on to warn her.


Anyway she continued to knock Garic 50 meters away and in the end he sat exhausted and she had to cheek to sit with him.  Finally he collapsed giving up putting the little pest straight.



Nazna is so funny and entertaining that you don’t mind her being there (unless she repeatedly boots me of course), we all had such a laugh and hats off to Garic who let her get away with it.


First story on CNN new IReport Page.

February 18, 2008

CNN offered me membership to their new beta page where they have mixed real life ireports in with ‘second life’ ones, it means i can put my stories straight on without being edited by CNN.  CNN have kindly put a few of my older stories in there already, and today I finished my new story about the wonderful Dave Sparrow who has opened a sim to help fellow Autism suffers.  You can see the story at    Now on as well.



In My space at Ahern and what a crowd at Murray

February 17, 2008

I sometimes pop into the meeting areas to have a look at whats going on with the newbies arriving.  They can be delightful sometimes just listening to them chatting.  I usually stand just out of the way, at the top of the little stairs, and watch over the concourse where most of the action unfolds.   Ahern, on this occasion was getting quite busy and the lag was worse than ever.


Well you know you take your chances with newbies rushing through the place, and nine out of ten times they will barge into you on their way through.  You just apply your movelock tool, so they can’t push you along, and pretty much ignore them, as most of the time they don’t mean to do it.  Funny though, how you can’t have a bit of space to yourself, just like standing looking in a shop window in real life, someone thinks you are onto something good and wants to stand in the same spot.  Wasn’t long before I got a crowd round me.


I also had the pleasure of two of the tallest people I’ve seen being in my space with me and thought they made a funny picture, I hope the goth has seen the error of his ways by now and got his outfit sorted.  The other tall guy was quite intriguing though, very nicely turned out.



Another guy barged into me twice and when I profiled him I saw that he wasn’t a newbie but had been around for some time.  I IM’d him and said ‘I see you are not a newbie, so why the pushing?’  There was a stunned silence for a bit then he came back and said ‘sometimes I can be a dic, sorry’ and then said ‘I can be nervous around girls and either push or stab them’ (I think he was joking about the stab bit).  Anyway I ended up having a laugh with him as I directed him to chat up a girl near him, which he did, and she told him to get lost, which was hilarious

Ended that evening meeting Pinkie at Murray, well what a night, quite a large crowd turned up.  The little pest Nazna had also been around earlier, pushing and shoving me and then offering friendship, I’m not too sure who’s alt she is, but she is funny to watch.



Sweet excitable Eliza had been given some flowers for Valentines day and gave me a bunch of roses as well, which was really nice, she then danced around all night, she’s really a happy person and so good to everyone, giving us all gifts if she has something new.  Head arrived, which  it was great to see him, and Smallbutt thought it was time to disappear, think Head worries him a bit.  I decided to go on home as well to see if my house was still standing (which I’m planning on demolishing tomorrow, but thats another story ……).