Friends Meet and New Clothes

I finally got my report finished for CNN about Kimber Enoch being an amazing fundraiser for charities.  I had forgotten to take her picture, so had to catch up with her and grab a shot, she said she was meant to be taking some time out to relax, but it hasn’t worked out that way, can’t see Kimber ever slowing down, she’s just dedicated.  Anyway got a nice picture of her for the report.  So just waiting to see if CNN will publish it now. (CNN have now published read it at )


Drax came over last night and we were catching up on our news.  I’d seen a nice black leather outfit for him in the shops so he was trying it on and looked really great, I’ll sneak a picture of him next time.   While we were talking Headburro came on line and I asked him to come over and meet Drax, as they had never met.  Well it was a nice evening, they are both chatty so got on really well.  I was pleased that two of my very best friends had finally met, only Pinkie to be introduced to Drax now, so I’ll have to catch her when she’s next on line.  Well my friends Drax and Head had to go back to the real world, so I decided to take another photo for my profile as I wanted a change.   With Windlight I had a nice sunset so I stood in the sea to get the effect.


When I woke up this morning Drax had sent me a message with a new outfit he had treated me to.  It was really nice of him and I couldn’t wait to try it on.  Its a very smart top with a waistcoat effect and two pairs of capri pants, one white the the other pair in denim.  Be a nice outfit to take Colin out in, have to see if Drax fancies a ride on the horses later on. (Please excuse this very egotistical post with my pictures on, but I’m only filling the gaps where I didn’t have a nice picture of Drax and Head, whilst trying out Windlight with the sea effect at the same time, lol)




Have to chase up my next story for CNN now, someone told me about serving solders in second life, so got to go out there and try to interview lots of people, like a challenge, so see what I can find out.



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