Meeting Goreans and Combat Cards

Funny old thing, when people throughout second life mention Gor, (those that haven’t actually experienced any of it) they instantly assume that the people who frequent the Gorean cities are brutish perverts, who would attack you as soon as look at you.  Well as you might know my best friend Drax and I met in the Gor city of Thensis and he’s a gentleman and we get along really well.  I hadn’t met many of my neighbours, but a couple of days ago the guy from a few houses away dropped in to say hello, and guess what, he is a Gorean as well.   He seems very nice and easy to get on with and talked about the role play that he enjoys.  I also had an IM from someone I had not met, who had read my CNN article on Kimber Enoch.  Well he just got in touch to say he liked the article, which was really nice of him, as I talked to him, he looked at my profile and realised he knew Drax, as he too is a Gorean.   With all the thousands of people on line at one time in sl, it turns out to be a small world.  Saying how nice some Goreans are, doesn’t mean to say though, that there are not the brutish pervs in there as well, but then you get quite a few of those types of people in shopping malls and meeting places as well.   Spent some nice time with Drax looking at horses and just chatting before he had to go off line.


Pinkie arrived and I headed over to Murray, where Head joined us and Stef also arrived, plus a couple of newbies dropped by who we chatted with.  The little devil turned up from the previous night, and she came and stood by me, I said hello but she was silent as ever.  She just went to sleep, so we must have been boring her, suppose her owner was working his other av.  Head asked if we were going to combat cards, well I admit, I had forgotten all about it, so I said yes I’d go along.  Pinkie had to go back to the real world, so Head, I and Stef headed over to the Combat Cards Arena.   Stef had never played before so Head explained the game to him, then Head and I had the first match, it was very close, but Head won, which was well played considering he hasn’t played for a few weeks.   I then fought a newbie to the game, and only just won, my swordswomanship leaves a lot to be desired, lol.  Finally Doc asked me for a match and I used my constructed deck and actually beat him, really still can’t believe it!!!   Stef fought the robot and I said I would practice with him at some stage, I think he seems quite interested in the game, so it will be good if he joins us as well.  After that I came home and called it a night, it was quite a good evening all in all.


3 Responses to Meeting Goreans and Combat Cards

  1. Pinkie Delcon says:

    Hope stef enjoyed combat cards. pity I had a rezz day do on as I would have loved to go to CC with you guys. Maybe next week

  2. HBA says:

    Wow! Beating Doc again – you are hot missy! I best watch out with my insults – you might lop me horns off 😀

    As for Goreans and role play in general, I guess the dodgy stuff can happen in any RP. Look at Vampires – not my fave RPers, but I’ve met some lovely ones who are really into story and mood and play, rather than just wanting a quick power trip w@nk to some Anne Rice fantasy *shudder*.

    I say live and let live – just don’t try and sell me into slavery ;-D

    p.s. Come back to the hack ‘n’ slash Pinks! I’m gonna marmalize ya!

  3. Pinkie Delcon says:

    I’m soooooo out of practice you probably would Head 🙂

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