GossipGirl Blunder and CNN strangeness

Spent some time in Murray again with Head and Pinkie, when one of their old friends Taf turned up and I listened as they updated her on all the news.  Seemed to be a couple of alts there again, newbies that weren’t so new.   Neither Pinkie or Head could hang around for the CNN meeting so I went off to it on my own.   Earlier in the evening I’d had an IM from a girl named Harp Thursday inviting me over to cover their Mardi Gras parade which would be at 3pm SL time, as my meeting was 2PM I had to make a quick get away after it was finished.  Jim Sella, one of the other reporters was taking the meeting this week and Tysan from CNN sat watching with the rest of us.  One girl  called Any1 arrived dancing and continued to do so during the meeting. I IM her and asked her if she could stop and she implied that perhaps only I could see it on my viewer, well possible I suppose, but I doubt it, someone else asked her to sit down later on.  Then a French griefer arrived with a gun and I IM him and called him an idiot.  He disappeared for a short time and came back as a robot letting off red smoke everywhere.  He answered my IM in French, but it looked like he was saying I was an Idiot so I muted him in the end, pointless conversation as I can’t speak a word of French.  Anyway, Jim held the meeting together quite well and he went through the stories that had been published.   When he got to mine he based some of his agenda on it, he said the report on Kimber Enoch was well covered, but went on to make a point about some reports being too long and not holding peoples attention span because of it.  He went on to say that in Kimbers case there was a lot to report on, but I think he was emphasising that perhaps I’d written too much.  Well I let it go over my head, personally I don’t think some of the reporters write enough to make their reports interesting, but I just decided to keep quiet and didn’t really let it bother me.  As we went on with the meeting we were talking about stories that we were going to write and I mentioned the invite to the GossipGirl sim after the meeting.  At at couple of minutes to 3pm I thanked Jim for the meeting and said my goodbyes and left.


When I arrived at the GossipGirl sim it was obvious I was a little bit away from the Parade, so I IM’d Harp to tp me over.  She said, however, that another CNN reporter was there and did I still want to come, well a bit bemused I said no, its ok.  Anyway I decided to have a look and guess what, well, dancing girl Any1 was at the location and swiftly left when she saw me arrive.  Well I hope she covers the story well, if she wants to pinch my stuff she is quite welcome as long as she does a good job!!  I hung around to see the Mardi Gras and in true form it was a really funny sight.  They had made lovely floats but were unable to drive them and kept crashing, I even got run over by one who still didn’t stop when he hit me, got Colin the horse out in the end, though I’d be better higher up.  They gave me a float as a keepsake, really nice of them, they go to a lot of trouble to keep their avs entertained in that sim.


I kept crashing last night, as ever, (think I may have solved it today though by downloading some drivers for my laptop) and in between crashing, Jim Sella had IM me.  He seemed concerned that he may have upset me, I don’t know why because I said my goodbyes ok at the meeting and he knew I had to go to the GossipGirl thing.  He said if there was anything I didn’t like that he said at the meeting I should tell him, well I said it was OK and I was flattered that he had used my story as an example.  Anyway people are allowed their opinion and I told him I was ok with it.  When I was wandering about the Mardi Gras area, I came across a lovely White Rabbit av who asked me if I had a boyfriend as he was looking for a girlfriend and could I help him find Love.  He was a very polite, nice friendly rabbit who told me he didn’t mind if his new girlfriend is a furry or a human av.  So any girls out there looking for an amusing bunny rabbit for a boyfriend, if you see him wandering, go ahead and chat to him, he won’t bite!





4 Responses to GossipGirl Blunder and CNN strangeness

  1. Drax Ember says:

    Hmmmm, a rabbit just wandering up to strangers and asking them to be their girlfriend? What a hare-brained scheme!!!

  2. Janey Bracken says:

    Yes, likely to get himself into a real rabbit stew!!! best he doesn’t meet you, you may put him in a hamburger (bunnyburger) 🙂

  3. HBA says:

    Stealing a story? That’s a serious cheek! You should have stuck to your guns and written it anyhoo – yours would be far better 🙂

    Good job I didn’t make that CNN meeting – i would have gone mad! Long posts are NOT harder to read. Badly written posts are, yes but that does not apply to yours. What makes the posts longer than one paragraph hard to read on the CNN blog is the shitty way that CNN (more likely the upload system they use) messes with the fformatting of a post. When I write anything, I carefully consider the flow the text, of each sentence and paragraph. CNN takes that carefully laid out copy and bungs it right up the poopshoot by mashing it into one long paragraph – it looks crap and reads like a cow steers.

    Grrr. I’ll email Tyson about this.

  4. Janey Bracken says:

    Well I still don’t know if the lady has any intentions of writing the story, but it would have been a waste of my time covering it just in case, as I doubt if CNN would want two reports about the the same event. Thanks for saying mine would be better anyway 🙂 I can see your point about the way that the CNN blog is laid out, I do separate my work into carefully laid out paragraphs as you do yours and it does spoil the read by cramming it all together once it is published by CNN. Perhaps they think us amateurs aren’t too fussy about layout and stuff!! I don’t really know how seriously they take Second Life anyway, so they might think things are good enough.

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