Murray Maniacs and arranging furniture at Drax’s House

Stopped by to pick up the gossip in Murray and there was a good crowd there having a laugh.  Rubi had a strange but pretty little av on that looked like a bird with pink and purple feathers, Stef looked really glamorous with white blond hair and a fabulous figure hugging outfit.  Then they both fell over in a big heap and Garic, in his posh white uniform, tried to grab Rubi’s feathers and ended up on the floor as well.


Think Garic got mud on his clothes and promptly stripped them off, good job Rubi’s feathers were in the right place when I took the picture.


Seems that the Murray Maniacs are alive and well and still having fun there, I popped off before we all collapsed and went over to join Drax for a game of Combat cards.  We had been having a wager and this was the last round to see who would win.  Trouble is he is getting too good at it and I really struggle to keep up.


I hadn’t been very lucky the day before and lost a couple of matches, but my luck was in today and I beat him by a narrow margin.  As he had an extreme loss of blood and felt a bit weak from our game (only joking!!!) I thought I would go over to his house and arrange his furniture for him, as he has just moved in.  By losing the wager he will have to do a few jobs around the house for me as well, have to think up something nasty like plumbing or washing up.  Think his house could do with a coat of paint, so might make him do that as well.


I met Drax briefly this morning as well, and we decided to go horse riding at the AKK Ranch again, it was a lovely morning and we enjoyed riding round the sim finding places we had not seen before, they are making it prettier all the time there adding deer and flower gardens, we spent quite a while wandering until we both had to go back to real life.



Bye the way, I have had big trouble with crashing in Second Life, quite often having to restart my computer up to 10 times.  I look at a site called  ‘’ and there was a mention that new drivers for the graphics cards had just been released a month ago that would help with Windlight.  I thought this was worth a try and downloaded the GeForce driver as well as any others I could find for my laptop that might help.  Well its great, yes I still crash, but much, much less than before, so its worth the 5 minutes to upgrade the drivers, can’t do any harm, so if you are having problems give it a try.





6 Responses to Murray Maniacs and arranging furniture at Drax’s House

  1. HBA says:

    Hehe – Murray is always a place to see some strange sights :-D. If Ree is there, then some strange sites too 🙂

    Where is Drax living? In a Gor sim or elsewhere?

  2. drax ember says:

    I’m not one to cast aspersions but someone certainly must have been cheating at combat cards! (How else can i explain such a humbling loss! LOL)

  3. Janey Bracken says:

    yes Murray is never a let down if you stand there long enough, always someone strange appearing. Drax has a place in one of the Gor sims, residential part of Port kar I believe, I just tp’d straight there, so haven’t walked through the streets 🙂

  4. Janey Bracken says:

    Huh how dare you Drax, suggesting I would cheat, I won fair and square, we shall have to have a re-match now, so beware!!!

  5. drax ember says:

    I was distracted by that bright glare! Yes, that’s my excuse!

  6. Janey Bracken says:

    Right Drax Ember prepare to meet thy end!!! nothing will save you next time, not even if you beg for mercy!!!!

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