Trouble with Sandboxes

After looking round the shops with Drax to see what furniture he needed for his house, I suddenly got all fired up again to do some building, I haven’t done anything serious for some time.   My friend Headburro has a lovely skybox I can use to build on, but sometimes I like to go where there are other people building so that I don’t feel too isolated.  I picked a sandbox to go to and selected a spot without any other avs being too close.  Drax had seen some bedroom furniture he fancied, so I decided to have a go at making it for him.  Well I was quite enjoying myself, halfway through building the base of the bed when another av came over to ask me what I was building.  We discussed the bed and he said he was a builder as well, which was nice.  However, I wanted to carry on and he rezzed a chair and sat about 6 feet away from me to watch, then another av joined him.  I’m not an expert builder and I have to fiddle around with the prims quite a lot and I wasn’t really all that happy about an audience.  Suddenly a car appeared and ran into me as well, that was it, enough is enough, I collected my half made bed and wished the others goodbye and moved on to another sandbox.  Started again picking an isolated spot to start building, rezzed the half made bed and little stool I was making to the floor and carried on for about 5 minutes when another av suddenly landed right near my feet.  He was a cute little av this time and quite chatty.


I talked to him for a while as he changed into a few different furry shapes, then settled for a fox av and told me he would buy some clothes for the full foxy look.  Nice talking to him, but not getting my stuff built, so I collected up the furniture again and headed for Headburro’s Island.  Peace and quiet at last as I finished the furniture there (still have to scale it down a bit though as it is too big for the house at the moment).  Drax arrived and caught me moving his stuff around again, as I was sorting out where the bedroom furniture should go.  He didn’t mind though and he installed a lovely fireplace and we then put everything straight.  It looks really nice and cosy in there now.


Started to think about my house, I like changing things anyway, so I might try to build some sort of tent for the beach, nice big one for the summer.  I started off at a sandbox again just now, but got chatting to a friendly girl, so once again didn’t get anything done, was nice meeting her though, sometimes getting on with people is more important, so I gave up on the building there, and finally came home and started on the roof of the tent at my place (trouble is I can’t build much there as I don’t have many prims), I’ll let you know how it goes on.


I looked around a new clothes shop earlier today as well, and out of the blue got an IM from another av who was shopping there -[5:12]  Saraah Aeon: hello
[5:12]  Janey Bracken: hello
[5:13]  Saraah Aeon: i’m sorry but i haven’t got any money for buy clothes have you got 202l$ for me ? please it’s 299 and i’ve only 97l$
[5:13]  Janey Bracken: if you read my profile you will know that I don’t give money away
[5:13]  Saraah Aeon: ok sorryy
[5:14]  Saraah Aeon: i don’t have read
[5:14]  Janey Bracken: think you should go and earn some like the rest of us, instead of begging from strangers

Don’t know if this annoys anyone else like it does me, it happens quite a lot, people asking for money.  Before I bought some Linden dollars I used to spend ages camping to earn some money and would never dream of cadging other peoples.  I do give money to newbies occasionally and I like to spend money on my friends, gives me a real buzz and I do it because I think a lot of them.  But beggars beware, I think you are despicable as it states on my profile.

P.S. CNN have just printed my story about Love, see


6 Responses to Trouble with Sandboxes

  1. Drax Ember says:

    The tent sounds like a fun idea. Judging by how nice your furniture looks when you build it ,I’m sure the tent will be fantastic! In fact one of these days you are going to have to give some basic building lessons. Perferably in the evening though, so the glare doesn’t bother my eyes. *smiles*

  2. Janey Bracken says:

    Ha, you are on extremely thin ice Drax, and you will pay dearly for this!!! If other people reading this are wondering, I lose my hair sometimes thanks to sl and Drax being a real gentleman ask me to stand to one side because the glare from my bald head was blinding him!!! Think I’ll build him a pair of sunglasses 🙂

  3. HBA says:

    The great thing about being a gazelle mantellope i that I haven’t got hair to lose 😀

    Good luck with the tent matey, and you know you can always use HBA Flats 🙂

  4. drax ember says:

    Just make sure they are industrial strength. That glare can be pretty bright!

  5. Janey Bracken says:

    No Head you are very lucky just losing your horns occasionally and you are such a gentleman never mentioning how glary my scalp is when I’m bald, not like someone else I could mention!!! Right, I’m off now to make some industrial strength sunglasses!!

  6. HBA says:

    HBA – always a gentleman, or rather a gentlemantellope… except with griefers of course 😀

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