In My space at Ahern and what a crowd at Murray

I sometimes pop into the meeting areas to have a look at whats going on with the newbies arriving.  They can be delightful sometimes just listening to them chatting.  I usually stand just out of the way, at the top of the little stairs, and watch over the concourse where most of the action unfolds.   Ahern, on this occasion was getting quite busy and the lag was worse than ever.


Well you know you take your chances with newbies rushing through the place, and nine out of ten times they will barge into you on their way through.  You just apply your movelock tool, so they can’t push you along, and pretty much ignore them, as most of the time they don’t mean to do it.  Funny though, how you can’t have a bit of space to yourself, just like standing looking in a shop window in real life, someone thinks you are onto something good and wants to stand in the same spot.  Wasn’t long before I got a crowd round me.


I also had the pleasure of two of the tallest people I’ve seen being in my space with me and thought they made a funny picture, I hope the goth has seen the error of his ways by now and got his outfit sorted.  The other tall guy was quite intriguing though, very nicely turned out.



Another guy barged into me twice and when I profiled him I saw that he wasn’t a newbie but had been around for some time.  I IM’d him and said ‘I see you are not a newbie, so why the pushing?’  There was a stunned silence for a bit then he came back and said ‘sometimes I can be a dic, sorry’ and then said ‘I can be nervous around girls and either push or stab them’ (I think he was joking about the stab bit).  Anyway I ended up having a laugh with him as I directed him to chat up a girl near him, which he did, and she told him to get lost, which was hilarious

Ended that evening meeting Pinkie at Murray, well what a night, quite a large crowd turned up.  The little pest Nazna had also been around earlier, pushing and shoving me and then offering friendship, I’m not too sure who’s alt she is, but she is funny to watch.



Sweet excitable Eliza had been given some flowers for Valentines day and gave me a bunch of roses as well, which was really nice, she then danced around all night, she’s really a happy person and so good to everyone, giving us all gifts if she has something new.  Head arrived, which  it was great to see him, and Smallbutt thought it was time to disappear, think Head worries him a bit.  I decided to go on home as well to see if my house was still standing (which I’m planning on demolishing tomorrow, but thats another story ……).


One Response to In My space at Ahern and what a crowd at Murray

  1. Janey Bracken says:

    Yes I have my suspicions its Min as when Naz did speak in Japanese one day, it looked like she had taken the words from a Japanese style comic, so I suppose Min talks 7 languages now, all as good as each other. Well I’ve put up a tent, nice thing for the beach and not as ugly as all the giant houses round me, wanted to put nice pointy bits on the posts and things, but the amount of prims won’t let me 🙂

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