Monet’s work of Art, but a loser at Combat

A bit out of order with this blog, but so much has happened this week to keep me busy!!   A few days ago I was battling it out with Drax playing combat cards.  Now he hasn’t been playing very long compared with me, but he seems to have a natural talent for sword fighting, I try my best, but once again ended up in the mud mortally wounded, well not mortally as I’m still here to tell the tale.



Wounding me didn’t seem to upset Drax too much, in fact it gave him an appetite and he went off to eat his dinner in real life!!!  While I had been playing, Monet Fitzgerald had IM’d me, she asked me over to look at the Liner that she has been renovating, saying that she had now finished it.  Straight from battle, with my blood hardly dry, I teleported over there and met Monet with some of her friends.  I spotted Pinkie had come on line and offered her a teleport to have a look round as well.



There is so much to see, Monet, skilled as ever, has gone into such detail with the Liner, the sumptuous dining area complete with buffet of steaming food, would be a wonderful place to hold a wedding reception.  There is another banqueting room fully laid out, but my favourite room was the bedroom with the massive four poster bed, this room had windows all round giving it a lovely atmosphere. 



Drax joined us again for a little while for the final look round and we ended up on the deck of the liner, where Monet handed out parachutes for us to jump off of the liner.  I said goodbye to Monet, it was nice seeing her again and great to see how all her hard work had paid off.  Drax and I jumped off the deck together, but for some reason I just hung in the air and he beat me to the ground, so he had to offer me teleport to enable me to join him, SL is very strange sometimes.


Pinkie and I headed over to Combat Cards, where we met Head.  Not a good evening for me again, as far as the Cards were concerned, as I was beaten yet again, it was still a laugh though, and I don’t really mind losing.   Enjah turned up for a short time in a stylish black and white costume, she didn’t compete, just amused us on her mono cycle.  We’ve got the championships on the 2nd March, so I will have to practice and get my deck sorted before then.   I went back to real life fairly tired after such an active evening.









6 Responses to Monet’s work of Art, but a loser at Combat

  1. HBA says:

    Yr gods! The titanic looks amazing! And when is Drax coming to CC on a sunday – we need fresh blood! 😀

  2. Janey Bracken says:

    Hiya, The Liner is fantastic, she does a really good job getting all the textures right. Drax being on American time, finds it awkward to make it because it’s dinner time for him, shame though, he is an excellent player, don’t know about needing fresh blood, he doesn’t mind spilling mine, lol, think more practice only makes me worse 😦

  3. drax ember says:

    The Titanic is beautiful, with fine detailing and a very warm atmosphere (the iceberg looming close by does worry me a bit though!)’

    Janey you are far too modest about your skill with the blade! You are one tough bird! I was lucky tp defeat you the last time we met. It’s about time for a new bet, isn’t it?

    Head, it sounds like great fun on Sundays. I will try to make it soon, however when the swordsmen who compete there are through with me, I fear I will look like swiss cheese! I have heard that you and Pinkie are dangerous characters in the fighting ring!

  4. Janey Bracken says:

    I have no skill with the sword, lol and am only lucky on rare occasions, but will practice on you!!! so yes, let another battle commence 🙂

  5. HBA says:

    The trick is to know all the cards well – that way you know how to block your opponent’s attacks. Well, that’s one of the tricks…

  6. Janey Bracken says:

    Yes it is a game of skill and my brain cell hurts when I try to work it out, lol, got to face it, never going to be a great player, but enjoy the game anyway. Hoping you or Pinkie will be the champion, will be rooting for both of you 🙂

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