CNN Meeting and Rival Charity groups

Had a real busy evening last night, I had a meeting to go to for a forthcoming story (which I hope will be very interesting once published, as its quite sensational!).  Then back to Murray for a short visit, before going to the CNN regular meeting for chat and updates with the real life CNN reporters there.  I had teleported to Murray and arrived on the hilly bit next to the sea.  I was still picking up my IM messages as another av approached me and asked if I was the reporter who published the CNN article ‘Haven for Autistic people in sl’   He was clearly a member of another Autism group and asked me some inquisitive questions about Dave Sparrow, who I wrote the article about, almost trying to find some sort of dark past about Dave.  I told the av that it would be a good idea if the other groups who support Autistic people all got together with Dave and share their ideas, after all they shouldn’t be rivals if they are aiming at really helping people, what a ridiculous way to carry on, being rivals instead of pulling together!!  I asked him if he had seen Dave himself and he said yes a couple of time, so I can’t figure out why he was asking me about him.  Come on all you fragmented groups, stop trying to take the credit and putting others down, work together to get things done, you are losing sight of the sufferers needs and more interested in your own status!!!!   Time soon went and me Head and Pinkie headed towards the CNN Future site for the meeting.


We went over the stories that we had had published on the new Beta site, Nicole ireport filled us in on bits and pieces of how the site is going.  We still have problems with it, like the comments not getting on and stuff and other little bits that need tweaking.  Think they are quite happy with it so far though and I must admit I like to be able to publish on there without waiting for CNN to do it as on the other CNN blog page.   Someone mentioned the US election that is going on at the moment and coverage of that, which no one can doubt is an important event in the US.  However, Nicole suggested that the entire meeting should be based on covering it next week, which is great for the US ireporters, but I agreed with Headburro and might give next week a miss just this once, as being from the UK, it would not be a priority for us to cover, and US irporters have all the knowledge of their own elections anyway.  Nicole had done a good job with the meeting, quite a few new people there asking questions and she is good at covering all the points.  Head and I stayed for a chat with her afterwards and told her about some of our jaded history battling it out in Murray with the griefers, hope we didn’t bore her to tears, lol.  It was late then and we all went on our ways into real life.


2 Responses to CNN Meeting and Rival Charity groups

  1. HBA says:

    Yeah, it was a busy night and a good meeting. Mind you, my missus is getting sick of me on SL at the mo so I may have to give the next few days a miss 😀

    I enjoyed the CNN meeting last night, but I hope they get the beta site working soon – the lack of comments is a right pain in the bum.

  2. Janey Bracken says:

    Probably sl takes too much of our time, so can see why Mrs A is getting a bit fed up!! I seem to have a strange comment on my Art report that doesn’t seem to belong and also the rating has gone down, so think it may be a mistake, hope so anyway. If it isn’t then I’ll comment back if they let me lol

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