Surprise Rez-day Party and wonderful friends

March 30, 2008

I have reached my first rez day in second life, a whole year ago when Janey Bracken was born, and what a fantastic year it has been!  Looking back at what a frightened newbie I was, its hard to imagine that I would have developed such confidence in the virtual world, and its all due to one thing, my terrific friends who I love dearly.  I had reached the date yesterday without giving it much thought and wandered around sl as usual having fun and chatting.  Headburro had told me a few days ago that we were visiting a new sim, but as we do go out with his group to surprise places I hadn’t put two and two together.  Should have known that him and my other best mate Pinkie were planning something!!  Head told me to wear a posh frock to the sim, so I put a long gown on and just after 9pm (my time) Head sent me a teleport to join him.

Well, total shock on landing, I stood in Monet Fitzgerald’s wonderful club house, which is the grandest place you could hope to be in, total class!! not only that, I was surrounded by all my best friends, all waiting for me to arrive.  I was totally overcome by it all and unfortunately my computer crashed!! Composing myself I logged back in and joined the party that Head, with the help of Pinkie and Monet, had put so much time into.  Head hasn’t had a lot of time to spare for sl over the last few months, and I’m honoured that he made my night so wonderful.  Fantastic to see Wheemzel and her husband BengalTiger there, we speak often but don’t get to see each other, a real treat for me.  



People were sending me messages and we all danced and the whole atmosphere was great, Head made a lovely speech and I attempted one as well, hope everyone knows how I love being in second life with them, and how they have made my journey from day one so enjoyable.  Who can say it is a bad thing to be in such an environment when I have made good friends from all over the world who I would never have met had I not rezzed that day!!











Naughty Auties on CNN and Dancing!

March 29, 2008

When I did my original ireport on Dave Sparrow and his haven for people with Autism in second life, CNN told me it would be on the main CNN news, and yesterday it all happened!!  I did drop by the Naughty Auties site last night and Rubi, Dave’s secretary, was doing a marvelous job sorting it all out as new people arrived and there seemed to be a lot of interest.  Hats off to Rubi, trying to organise and keep the peace with a few people who have yet to get used to things.  They have the potential of a great meeting place and a great group, I’m sure each and every one who arrives there has so much to offer and will contribute what they can with their skills to make this a really happy place.  You can catch Dave on video and CNN’s journalist Nicole Saidi’s write up on


Murray had quite an atmosphere the other night, new people arrive there and say ‘well what is this place’, as it’s just an open piece of land with no buildings, just a few trees.  They miss the point if they don’t hang around long enough or don’t happen to drop in when things are taking place (not a good time to drop in when the griefers are calling though!!!).  It’s the people who make it interesting.  Someone had rezzed a great looking galleon in the sea and it looked quite spooky.  I had my horse Colin with me and he took a shine to Eliza’s horse, so I had to keep them apart as I know what a little beastie Colin can be!!


Drax called me and asked if I wanted to go dancing and I said yes, it was a nice way to end the evening, trouble is I need to shop for more gowns, nice as this dress is, boy does my bum look big in it!!!





CNN Meeting Fun and all the Murray Gang

March 27, 2008

We had a CNN meeting with a difference this week.  Tyson sent a note round saying that we would be going on a field trip instead of having the hour long meeting at the CNN Future site.   We all met up at Future in the usual way and Tyson asked if we could think of any unusual places to visit.   We went off with the real life journalists visiting The Far Away, The Statue of Liberty and Clock Island.  See full story at   What a great idea it was, as we had lots of fun.



Also a bit of exciting news Dave Sparrow’s story about his sim for people with Autism is going on CNN News tomorrow and I have been told that CNN plan for it to be the first story of the day, so I’m hoping to catch that.

Had a huge gathering of people at Murray last night which was fun, quite like old times!!  Eliza and Nazna turned up wearing dustbins of all things, and danced around us, only at Murray could you see such a sight, lol.



Finally Drax bought a new coat the other day and the fashions in second life are getting better and better, with the fantastic designers who make the clothes so near to real life now (I’m hoping my mate Pinkie will start keeping us up to date with some Fashion ireports as she is dead hot on all the sl fashions).   Coat looks great on him, even without a shirt under it, he did buy a shirt later on, but I’m just making excuses because I wanted to show you a picture of that great chest!!!                            


Griefer failure in Murray and lovely crazy av’s

March 25, 2008

There was a good gathering in Murray last night, I had headed over to see Nazna to see what she was up to and started chatting to all the others down by the waters edge. 


Ali had a boat and asked everyone if they wanted to come on board, I decided to stay on the shore, but the others went for a sail.  Noticed Roach had his feet in the water, hope he didn’t ruin his nice boots.   They all came back one by one and had apparently left Ali stranded on an island somewhere, anyway she came back eventually as well.


One of the guys told us that his wife had just had a baby in real life, so we all toasted the baby’s head and it was a nice evening, until the silly little griefer arrived, who had barged into me the night before.  Can’t remember his name, something like ‘Kol-prick‘, well think my version is nearer the mark!  He had shoved into me a few times the other night and I threatened to report him as I don’t carry weapons and don’t want to blast people back anyway.  I saw him and put my shield on as he pushed again mentioning my name.  One of the other lady av’s fired at him and they started to battle between themselves.  He acts like a 10 year old but told us he is 18 and had great difficulty getting his weapons to work, he said out loud that the infamous weapons dealer had assured him that the weapon would work, he seemed to think we were all interested in how he was going to blast us!  The others really took the p…. out of him, but he was too thick to notice, shame.   Love the fact that the weapons dealer sends these daft little griefers over to Murray to entertain us, we really do get a good laugh out of all of it.  Shows the training isn’t very good, we don’t exactly tremble in our boots!  Peace prevailed again, once the ‘silly one’ gave up and left, and we all stood in the moonlight with some Easter chicks adding to the atmosphere


Changing the subject again, which I like to do!!  just thought you would like to see a couple of the sights I have spotted on my wanderings of late.  Ahern the great gathering place for new av’s and oldies alike, is always a good place to spot unusual people and I saw this protester there yesterday, loved the detail in his costume.


An even funnier sight greeted me outside one of the shops, two bunny girls chatting to a newbie.  I listened in on the conversation and they were asking him if he wanted to have some ‘fun’, but newbie, being penniless, couldn’t really oblige.  They ended up, kind heartedly, giving him lots of free stuff including clothes and a new skin, so he did very well out of them.  I loved their outfits and think they would brighten any-ones day who saw them walking round second life.



Street Parade fun and booted by a Linden?

March 24, 2008

Headburro invited me and Pinkie to a street parade the other night, celebrating the 4th anniversary of Nova Albion an sl city.  Well we decided to go on horseback, as we hadn’t had time to create a float and what a hoot it turned out to be.  



Well we stayed at the back behind a lady called Bettina who was driving a dustbin lorry.   Right from the beginning the floats were getting stuck on the narrow roads and Bettina’s vehicle was all over the place and kept disappearing in a wisp of smoke down into the road before reappearing  a bit further along.  Well just can’t tell you what a funny sight this all was, both me and Pinkie sat at our keyboards in real life absolutely rolling up with laughter!!!   Our little group at the back got separated from the main parade and took the wrong turn, it was magic, so funny.



When we finally got to the end, there was a group of bystanders and one of them decided to aim his rifle at us, think he was an excitable newbie by the look of him.


Anyway next thing I got orbitted, obviously wasn’t the newbie, as it wasn’t the gun, someone had thrown a scripted weapon at me.  Well to my surprise, when I looked at the log the weapon belonged to a Nigel Linden (do you think the Lindens are trying to tell me something lol).  I tried to trace Nigel but he’s not listed, so who knows perhaps someone just doctored the weapon with a Linden name, I’ll never know.   Anyway, it didn’t spoil the evening as the parade had finished, what a hoot it all was.   See full story at CNN address:;jsessionid=A6274E2B6961A8E380FE8EF82B815047


New Pond and another CNN Report

March 22, 2008

Started building a little bit again lately, and its quite nice after not doing anything like that for so long.  I’m not that good at it, but enjoy having a go and like using the textures, trying out different ones, having a little go at adding scripts and I would like to learn more about them eventually.   I started off trying to make a pond for my friend Pinkie’s gorgeous new home, but it wasn’t suitable for what she wanted, so I decided to put a small one at my little place, being careful of the amount of prims I could use, so can’t put too much detail in, which really limits me.  I made the pond and planted some big boulders going down to the sea to make it look a bit more natural.


I would have liked to put some shadows around the bottom of the rocks, but can’t afford the prims and I’m not able to alter the terrain, so am stuffed as far as that’s concerned.  I put some surface water around the outside of the rocks which makes it look a bit more real, so that will have to do.



Well may not be too neat, but I like it, and find it somewhere nice to sit and ponder, even bought a little koi carp to go in the main pond bit, trouble is the two chicks and squirrel also think its fun to have a dip, good job its not too deep!


Changing the subject completely, CNN want to run as many stories on Autism as they can as its Autism day on the 2nd April.   So I thought as I had previously done a report on wonderful Dave with his Naughty Auties sim I would go out and find what other sl sites there are, as I had been approached by people to tell me that Dave’s was not the only one.  Well I found quite a few groups out there and it’s lovely the amount of support that there is around for people who have the condition.  Anyway you can read my new report at  and if you are interested, take up the link from that report back to my old one where you will see some interesting comments, Dave I salute you, think you ought to do some writing for CNN yourself!!!




Large Cat and CNN Meetings

March 19, 2008

Headburro told me, a couple of days ago, that he had something new on his Island so last night I wandered over there for a look.  I stood at the edge of the jungle and wondered what it would be, when suddenly I spotted something moving very quickly in the distance.  It vanished again as quickly as it had appeared, so I stood patiently waiting to get a picture.   It wasn’t long before I got a proper look, and to my horror it turned out to be a big black cat, about the size of a puma.  I tried to get a good picture, but it moved so fast that I was lucky to get the snap below.  It looked kinda scary the way it darted in and out of the jungle!


Decided to leave him alone as Head hadn’t told me if he’s a man-eater or not, and I headed on over to the CNN meeting.  It was a good one, they examined Headburro’s latest fantastic road trip story that I had the honour of joining him on (see ).   The CNN reporter asked Head to run through how he took the terrific photos and how he went about writing the story.  We only had one person there who thought she would interrupt the proceedings by trying to change the subject, so it wasn’t quite as bad as last week, but Head carried on telling us how he wrote his report, and it was cool, in spite of the interruptions. 


At the end of the meeting Tyson told us that there was a live CNN event in second life and we were all welcome to join him there, so we set off.


There were a few CNN reporters there and quite a big audience.  Lila ireport was answering questions about the new ireport pages on CNN    Trouble was I didn’t realise how the event was to be broadcast, and didn’t think it had started as I didn’t have my sound switched on, so I missed quite a bit of it, only realising something was going on when they told everyone to go to my story about Autism, so I have no idea what was said about that.  Well I will know next time how these events work and make sure my sound is switched on.  I managed to hear the rest and Lila was telling the history of ireports and it was really interesting.   After the event I headed off to Murray as  Nazna had sent me a teleport to come over.


Well naughty little Naz decided to push some poor guy off each time he tried to join us.  He wasn’t having it though, he kept trying to come back and she pushed him off each time again.   In the end he used his movelock device so she couldn’t push him far and he then started chasing her around.  Daft thing to do, Naz wasn’t at all put out and simply sat hovering as he tried to get to her.  Suppose its difficult being pushed around by a child av if you are a guy.  Nazna is so full of mischief though, I don’t think she will ever change.