Combat Cards Finals, Oh Well!

It seems to have come around very quickly, the finals for Combat Cards. I’ve had lots of practice, but failed to get to grips with sorting my deck out properly.  There is a method to sorting the cards into defence and attack, but I have come to the conclusion I will never be able to apply such common sense as my brain is too lazy to work it out, think I am more geared up to shopping and picking out nice shoes and clothes.  My theory is, if I look well dressed it will take peoples minds off of the fact that I always lose.  Well all the combat people were there to put on a show and it was a nice well organised evening.

Pinkie fought Kat, who although a newcomer to the game, did very well and went on to win the open cup, so congratulations to Kat.  Pinkie looked fabulous though, she had a new outfit, complete with a puffer jacket that I envied totally.



Head went on to fight Mich (who had a cute teddy av), but Mich was on top form and ended up winning the constructed cup.  I fought Joh, but he was on form and beat me easily.    If you go to Headburro’s website he has covered all this brilliantly at



My friend Drax came along to support us and I hope he will take part in next years competition as he is a really good player and has the brains to sort it all out, perhaps I can bribe him to put my cards in some sort of order!!


Well poor defeated group, after all the excitement we had meant to go to a gig that Head wanted to see, but Second Life being what it is, we could not teleport there as the sim was full.  So we went back to Murray for a chat before we all had to go back to the real world.   Not surprisingly Nazna was there having a little game, Darth was standing quite a distance away from our group and she decided she would bring him over, so she pushed him all the way, whether he wanted to join us or not.   Then she proceeded to play some other avs’ up and stood on one of their heads, no way could he shake her off, it was funny to watch though.


Nazna offered Pinkie a hug (I had to ask her for a hug earlier!! not good enough Naz! I like to get my hugs!), but Pinkie had already said goodbye and missed out, so she’ll have to get one next time they meet.  We all went off after that, quite a fun evening, all in all.



5 Responses to Combat Cards Finals, Oh Well!

  1. Pinkie Delcon says:

    Was a good night. Had the jacket ages…thought I would start wearing it again. Naz and I had already hugged that evening so that would have been two hugs for me 😀

  2. drax ember says:

    I’m jealous. Never had a hug offer from Naz!

  3. HBA says:

    I’ve had one off her 🙂 I popped in this morning to pick up some IMs and saw Naz in Murray – she had a gorgeous Sjet-style outfit on but I wasn’t there long eenough for a hug 🙂

  4. HBA says:

    As for CC, I don’t think any of us will ever do really well without:
    a) Knowing the cards better so we can block stuff,
    b) In my case, cahtting less and taking more shots in a fight – both of which make me miss cards are being played.

    Basically I’m just a reactive fighter, not a strategist and as such just so much chopped liver in CC 🙂

    I’m crap at chess too – can’t think more than 1 move ahead – I’m a child of the now, what can I do 😀

  5. HBA says:

    Taking less shots, I mean – it’s taking more and more shots in game that makes me miss the cards that appear over our heads 🙂

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