Never trust Friends with their own Weather Systems

The intriguing thing about my best mate Headburro is that he has an eye for unusual things in Second Life, he has the ability to  surprise you with many fantastic gadgets and stories from remarkable places he has found.  When we met in the ever popular Murray the other night, the place was deserted except for Head, Pinkie and I.   Well, we were chatting, like you do, when suddenly, without warning, a tornado appeared on the horizon.  Before I knew what was happening I had been knocked off my feet as the twister caught me and Pinkie.



Thought Headburro was nowhere to be seen, he’d craftily moved away, as he knew exactly what was going to happen.   Turned out that it was his personal tornado!!!  He has some amazing weather on his island, you can stand there in the middle of an electrical storm and its quite spectacular.   Well the tornado was great fun, there were bits of houses, cars, even cows flying out of it, what a laugh, thanks Head!

I did a bit of wandering yesterday and found an astonishing place called The Far Away.   It is a cornfield and it is massive, quite an achievement in Second Life, can’t imagine how the creator built it.   I met another av there, who was quite a unique personality, and we chatted for some time about the meaning of life!!  Must have been the affect of the cornfield on us, a sort of getting back to nature thing, anyway, the sim is worth a visit just to see the fantastic view.  To get the size, thats me, the dot in the middle!



Went to the CNN meeting last night, run by Nicole, who did a good job again going over the last items posted and having a general discussion.   My last story about content theft is still getting hits, 6,381 at last count, so it is good that the designers are still getting publicity in respect of their problems with the thieves.   Also the person who left a strange comment on my previous article about ‘Ignored American Art is SL’, has still not enlightened me with the details.  Can only begin to think it is some kind of crank, ‘a Rose with any other name would smell as sweet’!!! 


6 Responses to Never trust Friends with their own Weather Systems

  1. HBA says:

    Ooooo, bugger! You’ve been to Far Away! I was going to take you guys there this week – hope you still want to come (I have a surprise or two you may not have seen there). I’m inviting Nazna too as she loves exploring (I think – hard to tell when she don’t speak!)


    p.s. Glad you liked the twister – I was inside it whizzzzzzzzing round and round 🙂

  2. Janey Bracken says:

    Ooops sorry Head, one of my neighbours had told me about a cornfield some time ago, but didn’t realise it is where you planned for the group to go, I hadn’t found it till yesterday. I would love to go back as I didn’t look round properly as I got chatting to someone there, so will enjoy a return visit 🙂

  3. You can download windlight skies 🙂

    And Far Away has an art event on – finishes tomorrow so we should go!
    Srt Exhibition

  4. Janey Bracken says:

    I’m up for it 🙂

  5. HBA says:

    yay!!! Oh, I’ve blogged about the twister too – should appear tomorrow am 🙂

  6. […] managed to get Pinkie and Janey recently – teehee. See Janey’s blog about it here. Mind the flying cows, […]

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