Griefing alive and well in Murray, Combat Cards well…lost again!!

It was combat cards night again so I went over to Murray to spend some time, before heading off to cc.  Don’t know what it is about Murray, but when you think, the old griefing crowd have mostly gone, only to be replaced by newbie griefers, the place must have a battle-zone aura about it.  One of the girl av’s had the biggest gun she could get, ready to blast anyone who looked at her sideways. Another nutcase, same nutcase from the other night, who I’m convinced is 12 in real life, was on a surf board bumping into people, while yet another was sending out griefing pictures of soldiers all over the place.



Never without humour though, next thing Roy and Gunter decided to transform themselves into a giant Hamburger and milkshake.  Pinkie then arrived and we stood and chatted catching up with our news.



A couple of newbies arrived and suffered the consequences of being new, someone trashed the av’s making them into stick insects.  They didn’t really seem that put out, so perhaps they are not as new as they seemed.


Time was getting on so we had to go to the Combat Cards Arena.   I had the first game with Osprey, who is always on top form, so I lost as per usual.  


Pinkie and Head had quite a violent match, Pinkie is getting really good at this game, reckon next year she may well be champion.   I fought her afterwards and needless to say lost again!!!!


Might get some practice in before next week, wonder if Drax wants to practice as well, we usually have a wager, makes me more determined to win, doesn’t always work though, lol.






6 Responses to Griefing alive and well in Murray, Combat Cards well…lost again!!

  1. Pinkie Delcon says:

    My lucky night on Combat Cards

  2. HBA says:

    I was slaughtered!

  3. drax ember says:

    It’s been way too long since we’ve played cc. We should have our rematch soon! Can you really change the form of another persons AV? The stick men were hilarious, but I never knew you could do that to anyone else! I have so much to learn!!!!

  4. drax ember says:

    I hope the storm is weakening. It sounds like the South is getting pounded. Stay warm and dry everyone!

  5. Janey Bracken says:

    Yes we should have our rematch pretty soon, it will be fun. I got trashed twice by Max in the beginning and complained that he had smudged my nail varnish and messed my hair up, but he still never got my humour!!! Will have to give you some griefer survival lessons Drax for when you visit griefer infested places like Murray 🙂

  6. HBA says:

    get a non-phys seat and sit tight – best advice I can give – that and report every attack 🙂

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