Is it Me? or are there a lot of bossy but lazy Av’s in SL?

I quite look forward to the weekly CNN meetings to see what Nicole, Tyson and the other CNN real life reporters think of things, giving us ideas and encouragement.  Since I started writing for them I’ve met some really nice helpful people who have told me about stories to follow up, if I’m interested, not pushy people, but genuine people who want to give me ideas.   However, I’m getting a little bit fed up with an element of people who come to the meetings, when they feel like honouring us with their presence, and want to take the whole thing over, without any intention of writing anything themselves.   They bring a big list of things with them that they think we ought to take the trouble of following up and writing, as if it is below them to do the donkey work!!!!  I did say to a couple of them there this week ‘well why don’t you write it then’ only to be given a load of old rubbish about why they haven’t got time, too much to do in rl and sl, well so have I!!! but I get on with it, I don’t try to palm it off on someone else!  I even said to one of them ‘I would like to see your work’ having never seen anything she has written in ireport, and she took that as a compliment, my sarcasm was lost on such a big ego!!!  She manages to write so much in chat at the meetings, blocking everyone else off, I’m sure she could put a story together in 5 minutes flat.   I am losing my patience with these lazy av’s and will tell them what I think in the end, perhaps its just me, but I hate bossy people who think they are the bees knees.  Nicole, as ever, held it all together well and I admire her for her patience keeping up with it all and still sticking to the agenda when she is allowed to.


Bye the way, I didn’t include them in the picture, don’t even want to give them any publicity, let them get their own blog!!!

Just thought I’d give you a pic of Nazna with her new hair as well, as you know Nazna, to her delight is becoming a little cult figure in sl now, so I like to keep up with her escapades.  There was a bit of griefing in Murray the other night and little Naz was pushing some people around using a prim which was funny to watch.  Her and Stef sat safely on another prim so that they did not come to any harm.  Stef looked stylish as ever with lovely white hair.  Naz even gave me a nice smile for one picture, bless her.



Well if any of you av’s recognise yourselves from the meeting, be welcome to comment on this blog, but thats only if you can get your heads out of your own butts for long enough.




3 Responses to Is it Me? or are there a lot of bossy but lazy Av’s in SL?

  1. Pinkie Delcon says:

    There are some very over opinionated people in sl. Somehow I always manage to find them to. The best way to deal with them is to tell them straight. They never know what to do then. Haha!!! …. and its funny to watch then skwirm or dig an even bigger hole for themselves.

    That really gets me…”I’m too busy”… so what are you doing sitting there at a CNN meeting when you have no intention of doing any writing…
    … you dipstick!!! ….ahhhhhhhhh…..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……..

  2. HBA says:

    I’m with Pinks – bloody idiots!

  3. Janey Bracken says:

    Thanks both of you, I know you have come across them too, I hope they read this and recognise themselves, I’d love them to comment!!

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