Headbanging and exploring with Headburro

I got a call from Roy who was at Murray, he said I should come over and see what was happening.  Well when I got there I was met with a funny sight.  Roy and a few friends all had guitars and were headbanging away to hard rock music, Roy gave me a guitar and not to be left out, I joined in.  Pinkie and Head also arrived and played along as well, even the guy with the red bird strutted his stuff!




After the bit of fun we all went on our separate ways.  Head then contacted me and asked me if I’d like to join him on part of his road trip that he is writing for CNN (catch it, its brill at http://www.ireport.com/people/HBA ).  So I want along and the two of us set out in a canoe, which was really exciting as we came across a shark that circled us, but we got away without being eaten, lol.



We landed on an island to explore and what a strange place it was, you could walk through the walls and fall through the ground (Head will reveal the location in his report!!).  Our other mates, Pinkie, Johnny and Drax tried to join us, but each time I offered them teleport they fell in the sea, hope they don’t think it was my fault!!!  Anyway they all managed to find their feet in the end and it was great that we were all together and having a laugh.


Head suggested we all get in one of his boats and go to another island, so we all bundled into his speedboat and, with the wind in our hair, headed off.


We arrived on the next leg of the journey and had a little look round.  Head had to sort his pictures out and it was all getting a little bit late.  Pinkie and Johnny left, as Pinkie wanted to show him her new fantastic home and Drax and I found a couple of loungers.  We sat and chatted, was really nice, till I suddenly remembered that I should have gone to an art exhibition, my head’s live a sieve!!!  Trouble is by the time we got there everyone had gone except the nice lady who owned the gallery, and she did show us round, which was lovely of her.   I will go back and have a proper look, it was very late and we said our goodbyes and returned to real life, quite an exhausting evening, but fun.




One Response to Headbanging and exploring with Headburro

  1. HBA says:

    Hiya hun – sorry I missed this, I’ve been so busy writing a week’s worth of posts I missed this one of yours! I was a great night in Murray abd it seems like ages since I last saw Roy. What with Ash popping in and Len turning up, it’s been a bit like dropping into the past 🙂

    I *loved* the explorations with you guys – such great fun (and for once, not a nightmare experience thanks to my new pc :-D). I hope to hae the report written today 🙂

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