Peachy Princess and so lovely Avilion

I had a teleport offer from Nazna who was in Murray, so decided to go over and see her.  Still not saying much but I like her company.  She has a new look like a little peach princess, very soft colours and looks really cute.  


Some other av’s arrived and Nazna vanished.  I chatted for a while, catching up with the news, and suddenly Naz sent another teleport offer, so I decided to go and see where she was.  I was teleported to a beautiful sim full of flowers and beautiful scenery.   Naz sat in a giant flower so I joined her and she uttered a few little words to me to listen to the music, which was a soft tinkling piano sound, really fitting the beauty of the place.  We sat for a while just enjoying it there and then I had to go as Drax had come on line and I had arranged to see him.


Said goodbye to Nazna and teleported over to see Drax.  We had wanted to see Johnnytreadlightly’s medieval sim, as Drax is used to role playing in the Gorean cities, so thought it might be fun.  I got changed into a long gown and we headed over there.  Trouble is the lag was really bad and then we got a warning saying the sim was to be restarted, so we had to leave.  We will go back though, it looked really good.  As I was dressed for the part and Drax has his Gorean costume on anyway, we decided to head for Avilion, which we had been to before.


The place was full of fairies and people in medieval garb, the detail is stunning.  We went off for a walk and had a look inside one of the cottages where there was a roaring fire.


What a lovely place to live, very mystical and so pretty, we went back outside just to wander around, taking it all in. 


Well real life called and Drax had to leave, it was a lovely day and we will go back to visit both sims.  Hmmm might have to go shopping for some other gowns though, this one was free from Avilion, which is lovely, but then you may bump into the other ladies in the same dress, so shopping is definitely on my agenda.




4 Responses to Peachy Princess and so lovely Avilion

  1. HBA says:

    Naz. Spoke.

    Good Lord!

  2. Janey Bracken says:

    Well not much, but it was a start!! 🙂

  3. drax ember says:

    I rather like Naz and hope she’ll speak with me one of these days> The medieval sims were great and I look forward to visiting again with you!

  4. HBA says:

    She never speaks to me… must be a gazelle thing 😦

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