Large Cat and CNN Meetings

Headburro told me, a couple of days ago, that he had something new on his Island so last night I wandered over there for a look.  I stood at the edge of the jungle and wondered what it would be, when suddenly I spotted something moving very quickly in the distance.  It vanished again as quickly as it had appeared, so I stood patiently waiting to get a picture.   It wasn’t long before I got a proper look, and to my horror it turned out to be a big black cat, about the size of a puma.  I tried to get a good picture, but it moved so fast that I was lucky to get the snap below.  It looked kinda scary the way it darted in and out of the jungle!


Decided to leave him alone as Head hadn’t told me if he’s a man-eater or not, and I headed on over to the CNN meeting.  It was a good one, they examined Headburro’s latest fantastic road trip story that I had the honour of joining him on (see ).   The CNN reporter asked Head to run through how he took the terrific photos and how he went about writing the story.  We only had one person there who thought she would interrupt the proceedings by trying to change the subject, so it wasn’t quite as bad as last week, but Head carried on telling us how he wrote his report, and it was cool, in spite of the interruptions. 


At the end of the meeting Tyson told us that there was a live CNN event in second life and we were all welcome to join him there, so we set off.


There were a few CNN reporters there and quite a big audience.  Lila ireport was answering questions about the new ireport pages on CNN    Trouble was I didn’t realise how the event was to be broadcast, and didn’t think it had started as I didn’t have my sound switched on, so I missed quite a bit of it, only realising something was going on when they told everyone to go to my story about Autism, so I have no idea what was said about that.  Well I will know next time how these events work and make sure my sound is switched on.  I managed to hear the rest and Lila was telling the history of ireports and it was really interesting.   After the event I headed off to Murray as  Nazna had sent me a teleport to come over.


Well naughty little Naz decided to push some poor guy off each time he tried to join us.  He wasn’t having it though, he kept trying to come back and she pushed him off each time again.   In the end he used his movelock device so she couldn’t push him far and he then started chasing her around.  Daft thing to do, Naz wasn’t at all put out and simply sat hovering as he tried to get to her.  Suppose its difficult being pushed around by a child av if you are a guy.  Nazna is so full of mischief though, I don’t think she will ever change.


One Response to Large Cat and CNN Meetings

  1. Janey Bracken says:

    Nice to hear big cat is friendly!!! Your work is terrific and exactly what CNN want, as it shows just what sl is all about, well all the nice things in sl anyway! I want to learn the video side of things, griefing in Murray would make a great film and show everyone who the griefers (and avs just defending themselves) really are !!!

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