Street Parade fun and booted by a Linden?

Headburro invited me and Pinkie to a street parade the other night, celebrating the 4th anniversary of Nova Albion an sl city.  Well we decided to go on horseback, as we hadn’t had time to create a float and what a hoot it turned out to be.  



Well we stayed at the back behind a lady called Bettina who was driving a dustbin lorry.   Right from the beginning the floats were getting stuck on the narrow roads and Bettina’s vehicle was all over the place and kept disappearing in a wisp of smoke down into the road before reappearing  a bit further along.  Well just can’t tell you what a funny sight this all was, both me and Pinkie sat at our keyboards in real life absolutely rolling up with laughter!!!   Our little group at the back got separated from the main parade and took the wrong turn, it was magic, so funny.



When we finally got to the end, there was a group of bystanders and one of them decided to aim his rifle at us, think he was an excitable newbie by the look of him.


Anyway next thing I got orbitted, obviously wasn’t the newbie, as it wasn’t the gun, someone had thrown a scripted weapon at me.  Well to my surprise, when I looked at the log the weapon belonged to a Nigel Linden (do you think the Lindens are trying to tell me something lol).  I tried to trace Nigel but he’s not listed, so who knows perhaps someone just doctored the weapon with a Linden name, I’ll never know.   Anyway, it didn’t spoil the evening as the parade had finished, what a hoot it all was.   See full story at CNN address:;jsessionid=A6274E2B6961A8E380FE8EF82B815047



6 Responses to Street Parade fun and booted by a Linden?

  1. Drax Ember says:

    I would have loved to have seen the parade – it sounds like great fun! Nigel Linden, eh? Better not spread that name as a possible shooter – you may be sued for libel and you know how dangerous that can be!!!!

  2. Janey Bracken says:

    You are soooooo funny! hope that is only a Smalljoke 🙂 You would have loved the parade, have to try to make it to the next one, definately something not to be missed 🙂

  3. Pinkie Delcon says:

    It was sooo much fun and I was crying with laughter. 😀

  4. Janey Bracken says:

    Me too, it was hystrical, I still keep laughing at the thought of it 😀

  5. HBA says:

    It was a great night, even if I had no fekking clue what was going on 80% of the time 😀

    You guys should toura a few more cities on horseback just to see what reaction you get – could be like a mini road trip 😀

  6. […] – Closing Celebrations Following the parades through Nova Albion (see these posts – mine, Janey’s, Osprey’s) Salazar organised a wonderful meal under the city arch in Grignano where we all […]

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