Griefer failure in Murray and lovely crazy av’s

There was a good gathering in Murray last night, I had headed over to see Nazna to see what she was up to and started chatting to all the others down by the waters edge. 


Ali had a boat and asked everyone if they wanted to come on board, I decided to stay on the shore, but the others went for a sail.  Noticed Roach had his feet in the water, hope he didn’t ruin his nice boots.   They all came back one by one and had apparently left Ali stranded on an island somewhere, anyway she came back eventually as well.


One of the guys told us that his wife had just had a baby in real life, so we all toasted the baby’s head and it was a nice evening, until the silly little griefer arrived, who had barged into me the night before.  Can’t remember his name, something like ‘Kol-prick‘, well think my version is nearer the mark!  He had shoved into me a few times the other night and I threatened to report him as I don’t carry weapons and don’t want to blast people back anyway.  I saw him and put my shield on as he pushed again mentioning my name.  One of the other lady av’s fired at him and they started to battle between themselves.  He acts like a 10 year old but told us he is 18 and had great difficulty getting his weapons to work, he said out loud that the infamous weapons dealer had assured him that the weapon would work, he seemed to think we were all interested in how he was going to blast us!  The others really took the p…. out of him, but he was too thick to notice, shame.   Love the fact that the weapons dealer sends these daft little griefers over to Murray to entertain us, we really do get a good laugh out of all of it.  Shows the training isn’t very good, we don’t exactly tremble in our boots!  Peace prevailed again, once the ‘silly one’ gave up and left, and we all stood in the moonlight with some Easter chicks adding to the atmosphere


Changing the subject again, which I like to do!!  just thought you would like to see a couple of the sights I have spotted on my wanderings of late.  Ahern the great gathering place for new av’s and oldies alike, is always a good place to spot unusual people and I saw this protester there yesterday, loved the detail in his costume.


An even funnier sight greeted me outside one of the shops, two bunny girls chatting to a newbie.  I listened in on the conversation and they were asking him if he wanted to have some ‘fun’, but newbie, being penniless, couldn’t really oblige.  They ended up, kind heartedly, giving him lots of free stuff including clothes and a new skin, so he did very well out of them.  I loved their outfits and think they would brighten any-ones day who saw them walking round second life.




5 Responses to Griefer failure in Murray and lovely crazy av’s

  1. HBA says:

    Hiya mate – Gods but that Kulprick is annoying… in a laugh-at-him sort of way. As for that burning flag, I’m not totally sure but I think just one star is slightly wrong – where are the other 49? Oh, and those bunny girls…*ahem* No lass would redesign herself like that – it’s even worse that the prom-whore look so beloved of Min Min And Her Legs So Thin.

  2. Janey Bracken says:

    Murray is full of griefers again coming in three or four at a time, so Kul isn’t the only one now. Yes the flag was odd, but he had an abti-Bush poster on him the other side, so I suppose he knows what he means. The two bunnygirls made me smile, even if they were males in disguise, they were really kind in the end to the newbie, wished I could have tailed them some more to see what they got up to!

  3. Janey Bracken says:

    Don’t know how you can be so harsh at such a sad story as theirs!! I think it would be a nice gesture if they put up a memorial at the shop for the deceased hero and invite the Lindens to open it. They would get lots more customers with such a tribute, especially as its the 5th anniversary of the Iraq war!

  4. HBA says:

    Bootleg copies of Black Hawk down?

  5. HBA says:

    A bootleg copy of Black Hawk Down?

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