CNN Meeting Fun and all the Murray Gang

We had a CNN meeting with a difference this week.  Tyson sent a note round saying that we would be going on a field trip instead of having the hour long meeting at the CNN Future site.   We all met up at Future in the usual way and Tyson asked if we could think of any unusual places to visit.   We went off with the real life journalists visiting The Far Away, The Statue of Liberty and Clock Island.  See full story at   What a great idea it was, as we had lots of fun.



Also a bit of exciting news Dave Sparrow’s story about his sim for people with Autism is going on CNN News tomorrow and I have been told that CNN plan for it to be the first story of the day, so I’m hoping to catch that.

Had a huge gathering of people at Murray last night which was fun, quite like old times!!  Eliza and Nazna turned up wearing dustbins of all things, and danced around us, only at Murray could you see such a sight, lol.



Finally Drax bought a new coat the other day and the fashions in second life are getting better and better, with the fantastic designers who make the clothes so near to real life now (I’m hoping my mate Pinkie will start keeping us up to date with some Fashion ireports as she is dead hot on all the sl fashions).   Coat looks great on him, even without a shirt under it, he did buy a shirt later on, but I’m just making excuses because I wanted to show you a picture of that great chest!!!                            



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