Naughty Auties on CNN and Dancing!

When I did my original ireport on Dave Sparrow and his haven for people with Autism in second life, CNN told me it would be on the main CNN news, and yesterday it all happened!!  I did drop by the Naughty Auties site last night and Rubi, Dave’s secretary, was doing a marvelous job sorting it all out as new people arrived and there seemed to be a lot of interest.  Hats off to Rubi, trying to organise and keep the peace with a few people who have yet to get used to things.  They have the potential of a great meeting place and a great group, I’m sure each and every one who arrives there has so much to offer and will contribute what they can with their skills to make this a really happy place.  You can catch Dave on video and CNN’s journalist Nicole Saidi’s write up on


Murray had quite an atmosphere the other night, new people arrive there and say ‘well what is this place’, as it’s just an open piece of land with no buildings, just a few trees.  They miss the point if they don’t hang around long enough or don’t happen to drop in when things are taking place (not a good time to drop in when the griefers are calling though!!!).  It’s the people who make it interesting.  Someone had rezzed a great looking galleon in the sea and it looked quite spooky.  I had my horse Colin with me and he took a shine to Eliza’s horse, so I had to keep them apart as I know what a little beastie Colin can be!!


Drax called me and asked if I wanted to go dancing and I said yes, it was a nice way to end the evening, trouble is I need to shop for more gowns, nice as this dress is, boy does my bum look big in it!!!






2 Responses to Naughty Auties on CNN and Dancing!

  1. drax ember says:

    What a great place to go dancing! I had a wonderful time. And no, it DOESN’T make it look big! LOL

  2. Janey Bracken says:

    I had a wonderful time too, it is a great place, hmmm still looks big though!! I’ll have to lose my hair again so that the glare from my head takes the attention away from it!!!

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