Surprise Rez-day Party and wonderful friends

I have reached my first rez day in second life, a whole year ago when Janey Bracken was born, and what a fantastic year it has been!  Looking back at what a frightened newbie I was, its hard to imagine that I would have developed such confidence in the virtual world, and its all due to one thing, my terrific friends who I love dearly.  I had reached the date yesterday without giving it much thought and wandered around sl as usual having fun and chatting.  Headburro had told me a few days ago that we were visiting a new sim, but as we do go out with his group to surprise places I hadn’t put two and two together.  Should have known that him and my other best mate Pinkie were planning something!!  Head told me to wear a posh frock to the sim, so I put a long gown on and just after 9pm (my time) Head sent me a teleport to join him.

Well, total shock on landing, I stood in Monet Fitzgerald’s wonderful club house, which is the grandest place you could hope to be in, total class!! not only that, I was surrounded by all my best friends, all waiting for me to arrive.  I was totally overcome by it all and unfortunately my computer crashed!! Composing myself I logged back in and joined the party that Head, with the help of Pinkie and Monet, had put so much time into.  Head hasn’t had a lot of time to spare for sl over the last few months, and I’m honoured that he made my night so wonderful.  Fantastic to see Wheemzel and her husband BengalTiger there, we speak often but don’t get to see each other, a real treat for me.  



People were sending me messages and we all danced and the whole atmosphere was great, Head made a lovely speech and I attempted one as well, hope everyone knows how I love being in second life with them, and how they have made my journey from day one so enjoyable.  Who can say it is a bad thing to be in such an environment when I have made good friends from all over the world who I would never have met had I not rezzed that day!!











7 Responses to Surprise Rez-day Party and wonderful friends

  1. Pinkie Delcon says:

    A wonder ful party for my beautiful friend, who deserved to mark her first year in sl in a very special way. You looked gorgeous hun for your big night. love you lots xx 😀

  2. drax ember says:

    A wonderful night for the most wonderful woman in SL!!!!!

  3. Janey Bracken says:

    I had such a good night, perfect! and it meant so much to me to have all my best mates there, I must be the luckiest person in SL with such fantastic friends!!

  4. HBA says:

    Glad you liked it hun – it was a pleasure to arrange. Now, my next surprise will involve a trench coat, some nipple tassles and a cry of “Oy! Missus!” 🙂

  5. Janey Bracken says:

    Have got my camera ready Head, make sure you do some goo twirling!!! Loved the party, thank you for all your hard work xxx

  6. Roach says:

    Wow Didnt realise it was your Rez-day the other day! It get you a prezzie Later!

  7. Janey Bracken says:

    Hi Roach, yes been here a year, can’t believe it, its gone so quick!! Don’t worry about a prezzi, just keep the jokes coming in Murray that will be enough 🙂

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