Scary CNN Story and Scary Headless Headburro

I had an email from CNN journalist Tyson, who wanted to know if I, along with irporter Jim Sella, wanted to cover the first time a Congress hearing was to be held Second Life.  Tyson said it was about global warming! anyway Jim said he could not make it, but I said I would go along.  I had the SLURL sent to me for the secretive location in SL and did a bit of reading about global warming (one of my hate subjects in real life as its a scam to get money out of people, planet warms and cools all the time!! Read meteorologist John Coleman’s findings!).  I teleported to my destination with a good ten minutes to spare and found myself among the other guests which included quite a few Lindens.  There was to be a video link so that the real life congress and the sl chamber could be seen by each other live.  I felt a bit of panic set in as wondered if I would be able to hear the video properly and must admit as I didn’t see any other reporters I knew there, felt a bit like a rabbit caught in the headlights!!  I did spy a lone figure sitting facing us, I was off to one side, away from the main group, but didn’t have enough savvy to take his picture.  He turned out to be the avatar of the congressman Edward Markey who was chairing the meeting in real life, as well as sitting with us as his av.  When the video started I soon realised that it was nothing to do with global warming and Philip Rosedale and three other quests were being questioned by congress about the big future of virtual worlds in economics, business, arts, education, health and social use.  Being from the UK, although of course, I had heard of congress, I hadn’t much idea regarding what role these people play compared to our polititians, so that was another little spanner in the works for me!  I settled down after about 10 minutes to listen to the debate and although it was very lengthy, it went on for over 2 hours, it was interesting and amazing how 3D worlds like SL will eventually take over the whole of the 2D applications on the internet.  Think us lot already in SL have the advantage of lots of people who won’t even look at it now, as they think it is only a silly game, time will tell, and they will soon realise that they need to access such places as SL to conduct thier own businesses by the type of communication it will offer them.





The above picture is Philip Rosedale, founder of Second Life and I found him the most interesting, especially the brief history of Second Life he gave.  I have written my CNN report and put it in, but there are upload problems at the moment, so it should get on later today hopefully.  After the meeting I had the other usual CNN meeting at 10pm where I told the other ireporters all about the congress hearing, including the fact that one of the congressmen gave out the link to CNN journalist Nicole’s article that she did on Dave Sparrow and the Autism report I did.  All in all, a very tiring day, but thanks Tyson for giving me the chance to go there!  Story now on CNN and ticked to go on main CNN news see

Went over to Murray to get my feet back on the ground after such a day, only to see some Murray Madness.  Someone had used a weapon on poor Headburro and he completely lost his head.  I’d be worried if I were them, as Head is an expert in weapons and gadgets and will be sure to get them back.  Because of his great sense of humour, think he took it on good part though.



Finally, nice to see an old face back in Murray, one of the original group, Turner, dressed as smart as ever, but sporting a pair of orange trainers for a laugh, expect he’s got a lot of friends to catch up with, as well as shopping for some new shoes!




3 Responses to Scary CNN Story and Scary Headless Headburro

  1. Hi Janey – you did a grand job with the CNN story – I wish I had come with you, it sounded great!

    As for the head thing – that was me… sorry 🙂 I have an exploding cigar 😀

  2. Janey Bracken says:

    Wish you had been there with me as well Head, you would have found it very interesting and might have had a better idea about the congress, I enjoyed the experience though it was good.

    I didn’t realise you had blown your own head off, lol, it was funny 😀

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